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Archive picture from the ███████ publishing company, which employed SCP-2863's creator.

Item #: SCP-2863-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2863 is kept in an underground bunker in the ████████ ████ area. Its containment room is locked per normal procedure and built of reinforced concrete at least 5m thick. Its strings are locked by a SCP-designed system to prevent any vibration. At no time should the SCP be allowed within less than 10km of any significant civilization (including, but not limited to, settlements of any forms, domesticated flocks and herds, aerial transportation corridors, pipelines, electric or communication wires etc.).

Description: SCP-2863 is an elaborate music string instrument made of wood, natural leather skin and strings. All materials are supposedly "African originals", although neither the skins nor wood could ever be matched to known species. The instrument is composed of a disc-shaped section with three bells at right angles to each others, the fourth angle being taken by a curved branch. The top of the disc is closed by pulled skin, to which descend five metallic strings from the branch, each of which has a key for "tuning". The two bells at right angle to the branch are obstructed by skin and much smaller than the last bell, which emits the sound when the instrument is play, which is done in a fashion similar to a harp.

SCP-2863 was invented by one Belgian man by the name of ██████ ███████, and whose sounds possess anomalous properties.According to its constructor, the design is based off "traditional African instruments", although no instrument anywhere like it are known to be used on the planet. Sound waves emitted by the instrument have been shown to posses non-reproducible characteristics of the most destructive nature. Amongst effect known from playing the instruments are:

  • Cause animals to flee in panic within a range of several hundred meters, extended for animal that react to vibrations in water or the ground.
  • Destroy glass and glass-like material such as crystal and ceramic, with a range of effectiveness at least up to several hundred meters.
  • Destroying plaster at close range. Ceilings of any nature of the story under which where the instrument is located are particularly at risk.
  • Destruction of various recording devices.
  • Complete loss of perfect pitch recognition ability in people who hear it.
  • Major disruption of communication and electricity transportation on open-air wires over a distance of up to fifty kilometers of cable.
  • Cause the loss of bonding capacity in several types of glue, particularly wallpaper glues.
  • Cause any and all objects affixed by screw to come undone.
  • Cause standard welded plumbing joints to undergo massive failure within a range of several dozen meters.
  • Cause the wholesale collapse of unsound or decrepit stone-and-mortar structure.

The exact "tuning" necessary to obtain each effect varies, and some are likely or guaranteed in almost all cases.

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