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File photo of SCP-287

Item #: SCP-287

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-287 is currently located in Dr. ███████'s office on Site 17. Any access to Security Personnel with clearance 2 or higher is granted, though SCP-287 is to be located on-site at all times.

Description: SCP-287 is a standard Papermate brand retractable pen with standard, black ink. It weighs 1.2g and is 11.94cm (4.7in) long.

What is unique about SCP-287 is that when being used, the object can instantly translate anything written into a small collection of foreign tongues. Recorded languages include French, Spanish, English, German, Latin, Dutch, Russian (as well as several other Cyrillic languages), several previously unwritten Swahili languages, Egytian heiroglyphs, and several unknown languages that bear similarities to many existing languages. All the user must do is think of language they would like to write in and then proceed to write. This does work in reverse, as well. When presented with a complete document in German, Subject D-8R█, who is only literate in English, was able to translate it down to the letter, as well as correct any spelling errors found in the transcript. The ink well is easily refillable with any standard ink. Tests have shown that it even works with non-standard ink like substances. Tests with pressure paper have shown that the pen continues it's function when dry.

Dismantling SCP-287 is possible. The object is no different from any other Papermate retractable pen, though the tube containing the pen's ink appears to be empty.

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