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File Photo of SCP-3001 deployed

Item #: SCP-3001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3001 is to be kept within the Restraining Cage manufactured specifically for its safety and the safety of the personnel posted there. Cage must be a minimum of six hundred 182.88m (600ft) below ground, insulated by 3m (10ft) of reinforced concrete, with no less than seven (7) Primary Locks engaged while SCP-3001 is inside. SCP-3001 is not to be released from within the Cage, unless clearance from an O5 is given to the security personnel on-site.

All personnel are forbidden from direct interaction with SCP-3001, excepting Protocol 12-recruited Class D Level Designated Staff. Standard biological containment maintenance is required on-site by no less than four (4) Level 2 Staff Members. Staff are to remain within the facilities surrounding the Cage and monitor SCP-3001 until relieved by the next shift, with seven (7) hours per shift. Should the Object come out of dormancy and break the Primary Locks, the Restraining Cage's security measures must be activated at once and the launch elevator is to be sealed until SCP-3001 is again secure and dormant. In the case of the Object's escape the Area is to be considered a compromised and cleared for immediate destruction.

Entering the Object is off-limits for all personnel unless authorization from an O5 administrator off-site has been given. Security staff on-site are to ensure that no unauthorized personnel enter SCP-3001, under any circumstances.

Upon entry, the pilot is to be considered as a Keter-class object and part of SCP-3001, with all special containment procedures applying. When entered, both the Object and its host are required to be under the strictest observance and control to prevent any potential escape. Personnel are advised to sever the power link to SCP-3001 and follow immediate containment procedures if the host shows any sign of sudden paranoia, fear, hysteria, or violence. All personnel are advised not to touch or talk to SCP-3001, even if it appears wholly dormant.

Description: SCP-3001 resembles a massive human six hundred 182.88m (600ft) in height, of indeterminate race and gender. Its skin is clad in reactive, form-fitting armor able to withstand nuclear and non-nuclear blasts equal to four hundred and seventy-five (475) kilotons of TNT. The armor also contains rechargeable power packs for keeping the Object mobile and functioning if the link between itself and a steady source of energy is severed, located in the shoulder pylons. Lock bolts that fit into certain parts of SCP-3001’s armor can completely immobilize it, necessitating the use of the specified Restraining Cage constructed by █████████.

SCP-3001's internal bodily systems are relative to the basic anatomy of H. Sapiens Sapiens, albeit with heavy cybernetic enhancement. The operating manuals included with SCP-3001 suggest that the modifications were necessary in controlling the Object and promote its operator's safety, as well as providing sufficient uninterrupted power to SCP-3001 for controlled launches.

SCP-3001 can regenerate any damage sustained to its exterior, as witnessed upon its first test after being thrust into combat for the first time. As of yet, it is unknown just how severely SCP-3001 can be damaged before its regenerative ability can no longer restore its body to full operation. SCP-3001 appears to need a steady source of power for this regenerative ability to work, or fully charged power packs.

[Reference Document N-3001-4 for full schematics.]

The vertebral section of SCP-3001 is fully cybernetic, allowing computer integration. A reinforced steel cylinder designated the 'Entry Plug', constructed to house the pilot of SCP-3001, can be inserted within via a small circular cavity located between the head and its shoulders. Once inserted, it completes the connections of the nerves from the head to the body. The "Entry Plug" contains a rather unremarkable seat and control handles for assistance in manipulating the weapons designed specifically for SCP-3001's use, as well as an extensive computer system that aids with linking the pilot's mind to the nervous system of the Object. The system must be changed to match the operator's native language (as confirmed by Document N-3001-12 regarding pilots ██████ Ikari and █████ Langley ██████), or else linking will be impossible.

A red orb, known in the operating manuals as the "Core", is lodged where a human’s solar plexus would be, and covered in two layers of reactive armor to ensure its containment. It appears to be made of glass, yet its [DATA EXPUNGED]. The "Core" emits a powerful field capable of disintegrating live matter within an instance of exposure. Its range is usually limited to within, excepting the rare scenario in which it is suddenly extended far beyond SCP-3001's immediate area. LCL(Link Connect Liquid)flow from the core to the head of the unit floods the "Entry Plug" upon insertion. Staff are reminded that LCL supplies oxygen to the lungs and are advised not to hold their breath upon being immersed in it.

SCP-3001 is mostly inactive unless the 'Entry Plug'" has been inserted with a synchronized pilot inside. At very low power, just enough to keep its power packs charged, the Object shows most of the signs of life a human displays, such as breathing, blinking, and awareness of its immediate area, with a standard internal temperature of ██████████████████.
SCP-3001 is apparently sentient, as experiments have proven that when given a steady source of power there is low-level activity within the medulla and frontal cortex that poses a startling similarity to that of a human female. Further research is being conducted on the Object to divulge how this has come to be, as ██████████ claims that the Object is a [DATA EXPUNGED] and therefore cannot be sentient. It has been suggested that the chairman of ███████ be brought to task about this.

[Reference Document N-3001-7 for a detailed Operating Manual.]

Document N-3001-4: Excerpt from the Schematics

Even though the greatest care was taken to prevent Unit 01 from any uncontrolled movement, it still cannot be fully restrained without being rendered inoperable. The Reactive Armor can secure Unit 01 enough for piloting, but if the synchronization fluctuates wildly or is shut down too suddenly, there is a possibility that the Unit will awaken.

Document N-3001-16

Due to the high stress SCP-3001 places upon its pilot, tests have been conducted with Class D personnel in piloting the Object and attempting to control it. So far, SCP-3001 rejected two pilots without even starting up, and in the one case that it did start up with a live pilot in the Entry Plug, the Object went berserk and started trying to break through the observational cell. Retrieval efforts were made, but were largely unsuccessful and the experiment was brought to an immediate stop by flooding the cell with fast-setting Bakelite.

Once SCP-3001 was immobilized, the Entry Plug was ejected and the pilot retrieved. The pilot appeared to be in immense psychological trauma and was escorted to the sickbay immediately. The Object was returned to the Cage, and classified a Keter object immediately.

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