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Item #: SCP-301

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-301 is to kept in a secure, electromagnetically sealed bunker buried under at least ten meters of earth to conceal its location. The bunker is to be staffed by no less than four level three security personnel at all times in order to secure the site and to maintain automated security measures. The perimeter of the bunker is be lined with a chain link fence with official warnings to deter intruders. Due to the remote location SCP-301 was found in, additional security is not required.

During experimentation, all research staff and equipment must maintain a minimum distance of at least three meters from the projected edge of SCP-301.

In the event of a containment breach, on-site personnel with the proper security clearance are authorized to implement Containment Protocol 301. All possible entrances to the bunker will automatically seal themselves and remain sealed indefinitely. Containment Protocol 301 can only be countermanded by an O5 level command.

Description: SCP-301 is an anomalous region roughly three meters in diameter located in the middle of ██████████ National Park. Whenever physical matter enters SCP-301, it temporarily disappears from existence. The duration of this stage is subjective, and can last from anywhere between several minutes to several days. However, once after a certain passage of time, the matter that had entered SCP-301 will appear in another location on the planet. The exact destination appears to be completely random, but all of the known destination points lie exactly on the ██ degree North Latitude line, with a deviation between ██ and ██ degrees. It should be noted that SCP-301 lies on the exact same latitude line.

Though the exact nature of this phenomenon is unknown, the prevailing model of the effects displayed by SCP-301 suggest that disappearance/appearance events are connected by a spacelike geodesic lying in a frame of reference attached to center of the Earth but otherwise displaying none of the planet's rotational motion. No adequate explanation for the mechanism underlying the continued existence of this unique curvature of space time has yet been proposed. SCP-301 itself does not seem to be affected by the Earth's rotation, however, and remains firmly rooted in its intial position. SCP-301 is cannot be seen in the visible light spectrum, but is detectable through other spectrums. SCP-301 also passively emits electromagnetic energy. While not harmful to living organisms, it does interfere with improperly shielded electronics, and may explain why the native fuana does not venture near SCP-301.

Through experimention, it has been discovered that SCP-301 can accomodate any kind of physical matter with certain size thresholds. The maximum size matter that SCP-301 can accomodate can be no larger than SCP-301's three meter diameter. For example, a cube that is 3x3x3 meters will be transported, but any cube larger than that size will not suffer any effect. There is also a minimum limit, though this is based on density rather than size. Currently, most gases and anything on a molecular level is not affected by SCP-301.

For further details, please read the Experiment Logs.

SCP-301 was discovered when there was a spike in mysterious disappearances of hikers and tourists in ██████████ National Park, only for a number of them to be rediscovered in completely different areas. While some were merely found on the other side of the park, near a local town, or in some cases the neighboring state, the Foundation did not act until it recieved reports of one of the missing hikers being found in ████, France. While searching for unusal activity, Agents █████ and ████ accidentally entered SCP-301. They disappeared for approximately ██ minutes until the signal from their locator beacons was reacquired ████ miles from their last recorded position. SCP-301 was found to be located on a regularly used hiking trail. The Foundation rerouted the hiking trail and built the current facility containing SCP-301.

Experiment Log 301A

A relativistic analysis of the proposed model for 301 has generated predictions of travel time consistent with observational data. Consistent with it's seemingly spacelike nature, travellers and data collection devices sent through 301 have reported near instantaneous travel from point to point. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 301B

We've found that bombarding SCP-301 with pulses of electromagnetic energy has a noticeable effect on how it functions. Perhaps with this method we can actually be able to operate SCP-301 with precision. We have begun "mapping" these energy pulses in hopes that we may be able to glean practical applications. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 301C

After ramping up the test matter sizes, we've finally found that SCP-301 cannot accomodate items larger than itself. If a piece of matter that exceeds SCP-301's three meter diameter is placed on SCP-301, there will be no effect. This has been noted for future containment protocols. There is also a minimum limit for what SCP-301 can accomodate. We've filled the contaiment room with easily detectable gases, as well as bombarding SCP-301 with radioactive particles. However, there is no evidence of any of these substances being successfully transported. The prevailing theory is that SCP-301's minimum limit is based on density rather than size, solids and liquids are affected while gases and individual molecules are not. -Dr. ████

Experiment Log 301D


Administrative Note

As of ██/██/20██, the use of D-class personnel has been suspended following Incident 301-1 where [DATA EXPUNGED]. However, live animal testing is still permitted. -O5-██


Just as a reminder, what happened in Incident 301-1 was a complete and unfortunate accident. The chances of a catastrophic teleportation mishap like that are less than being struck by lightning. Please do not let that discourage you from continuing your work on SCP-301. -Dr. ████

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