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Item #: SCP-302

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-302's immense strength requires walls of reinforced steel and no weak points such as doors or observation windows. There is no reason to enter the containment unit as SCP-302 requires no sustenance or oxygen to survive. SCP-302 has, on two occasions to date, escaped from its containment unit by unknown means. The first occasion lead to the deaths of seventeen personal on its floor before the creature was lured back to its unit by a female scientist, who was killed before she could escape. The second occasion found SCP-302 wandering the halls in silence, and was carefully avoided by all personal until it could be returned to its unit. Since these events, video surveillance of SCP-302 is constantly manned and supervised. The floors and walls around SCP-302 have been seen to warp in colour and texture with its presence, keeping its unit clean is impossible. The entire unit now resembling rusted iron. This trait has begun to appear on the exterior of the unit in recent weeks.

Description: SCP-302 was originally encountered by an excavation team in Centralia, Pennsylvania. The team accidentally unearthed SCP-302 from where it appeared to be dormant beneath the earth. The excavation team was immediately slaughtered and grotesquely mutilated by SCP-302, and the creature roamed the town for several hours before being contained by a large force, and immediately transported to the facility.

SCP-302 appears as a well built humanoid of 2.13m (7ft) in height with skin resembling that of a drowning victim, bluish and translucent. It wears a long, filth encrusted leather kilt. It's most prominent feature is a huge, pyramid shaped apparatus upon its shoulders. The necessity of this armor is unknown, but SCP-302 has never been observed without it. Appearing to be constructed of rusted red iron of great weight, the pyramid appears to cause the creature constant agony, as observed in its endless ear piercing keening and constant clawing at the pyramid. The material proved far stronger than regular iron, when mortar shells fired at the creature during its original containment proved ineffective in damaging it.

SCP-302 has been referred to as an 'engine of rage' by several personal. It seems to exist solely to destroy. It's strength is incredible, and has demonstrated the force to punch through steel doors 7.6cm (3in) thick and lift a metric tonne over its head. SCP-302 has demonstrated a disturbing urge for molesting anything in its path with such force and enthusiasm the victim is often torn asunder. SCP-302 demonstrates no preference for sex or species in this respect.

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