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Item #: SCP-303

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Found October 12th 1975 in Moscow. Must be kept in its glass container when not being researched. It is to be kept in its room, which is the standard 10 by 10 metres reinforced concrete room. Under no circumstances is anyone but authorized Class D personnel permitted to be in this room alone.

Description: SCP-303 seems to be an ordinary looking varnished wooden musical box with a brass clasp and golden detail on the lid. It has been scratched in places yet bears no name of a maker or of any fashion of an era or country.
The brass clasp has been known to look tarnished at some times during observation yet when touched to open the box appears bright and clean.

The music box, when opened in the presence of one or more people does not require winding and continues to play for any length of time that the box is left open without requiring additional prompting.

The inside detail of the box is of red felt that has no evidence of ever being used as a holder or container. The musical components are also made from something indestructible. (More investigation is required for this)

The music it plays is different to everyone who hears it. Agents have gone into the room and upon leaving have reported music they haven't heard since childhood. Others have gone in and reported that they have heard music to their knowledge they didn't know existed. When more than one agent has gone in, all of the agents returned with a different account of what they heard.

The music box is not limited to a chiming sound as is customary with most music boxes, instead, it can replicate any instrument or voice.

Addendum: Level 2 agents are permitted to watch and listen to the sound for only 6 minutes. Class D personnel are permitted to listen as requested.

Document #303-1: Experiment 1

6 agents were sent to listen to the musical box for 6 minutes precisely. The lid was raised and the music was played.
Audio recordings turned up white noise, and computer analysis of the sound recorded also mimicked the results of white noise.

The agents reported their music as follows:

Agent 'a' reported the theme tune of the Flintstones being played.
Agent 'b' reported Elvis Presley singing 'Love Me Tender'.
Agent 'c' reported a unique piece of music they had been considering playing at their piano.
Agent 'd' reported a song his child had learned at school.
Agent 'e' reported a wedding march
Agent 'f' heard the 'Spider-Man' theme tune playing.

Judging by these investigations, the conclusion that the box possesses some form of telepathy.

Document #303-2 'Accidental' Experiment 2

An agent whilst doing a general check of the box accidentally opened the box and it began to play.
Unaware of what the musical box did if left to play, the agent continued to do his check, checking for new marks, additional rusting or excretions of sorts.
After the agent had been in the room beyond 6 minutes, the agent began to show signs of torture, crying, and screaming. Shouting over the white noise of the box.
The agents ears proceeded to bleed, as did his nose, and finally, the agent was no longer moving as he lay on the floor, immobile.
The agent was pronounced dead after emergency closing procedures were administered to the box.
Autopsy results showed the agent's inner ear bones had exploded and his brain had somehow managed to liquefy in the aural portion.

Experiment #303-3

A violinist was asked to compose a piece of music that only she knew of and not to repeat it to anyone.
It was not recorded, nor was it written down.
She was asked to play this for one agent in a sealed, sound proof room 3 times and then proceeded directly to the music box's chamber.
The agent sat in front of the box. It played the exact piece the agent had heard.
This confirms our suspicions of telepathic communication.

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