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Item #: SCP-304

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Access allowed to security level 1+, provided an overseer with level 3 clearance has given approval. Object is to be kept in a sealed, but not airtight, room. Any personnel who are contacted by the object are permitted to respond, but are discouraged from engaging in extended conversation unless conducting an interview. Unless level 3 clearance is given, no personnel are to have SCP-304 near their mouth.

Description: SCP-304 appears to be the top part of a shattered bottle of indeterminate origin. Only the neck of the bottle, and a little below that, remains intact. The bottle acts as a physical outlet for the spirit of a deceased individual. The spirit is capable of speech, and is able to interact with people around it. Attempting to "drink" from the remains of the bottle produces various effects. (see Document 304-a)

Document 304-a

Test 1
Class D personnel instructed to "drink" from the bottle. As soon as it touched their lips, liquid appeared through the neck of the bottle. Tester said that it tasted like white wine. Further tests requested after the tester died of what the coroner described as: "Dying of thirst, I guess. Most people usually die before the body gets this bad."

Test 2
Class D personnel drank from bottle, which produced a thick, syrup-like substance. Tester described taste as "indescribable, Sweet, sour, and bitter, but all at once." Subject has shown no anomalous signs, and has resumed the normal course of their duties.

Test 3
Class D personnel Poured a glass of clear liquid from bottle. When consumed, tester informed observers that it tasted like water. Four minutes later, subject complained that they felt "Really, really, cold". Exposure to heat, even extremely high temperatures, produced no change in sensation. Exposure to open flames appeared to have no effect on the flesh of the afflicted tester. The effects wore off after just over an hour.

Test 4
Field Agent Malign, who brought in the object, volunteered for this test. He has had several interactions with the spirit inhabiting it, which led researchers to conclude that the familiarity would result in a positive outcome. Two glasses of a amber colored substance were poured. When tasted, agent Malign stated "It's apple cider. No joke, it's the best fucking glass of cider I've ever had."

Additional Notes
The entity inhabiting the bottle is unable to speak for roughly 45 minutes after anything is poured from the broken bottle. When asked about it during an interview, it replied "I get tired, that's all." and refused to further illustrate. Similarly, the voice goes quiet when asked if it is able to choose what materials it creates.

Document 304-b

Interview with Object SCP-304
[Pending Declassification]

Note from Agent Malign
I hope no one worries, but I had to borrow 304 for 10 minutes. Don't worry, 304 thinks its funny too.

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