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Subject in early stages of infection.

Item #: SCP-306

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any and all subjects infected with SCP-306 are to be immediately placed under quarantine. Any staff interacting with infected subjects are to remain in full haz-mat containment suits. Any items making physical contact with infected subjects or SCP-306 “residue” are to be immediately incinerated, with the resulting ash being contained and sealed in drums and disposed of. Personnel interacting with infected subjects or SCP-306 residue are to remain under mandatory quarantine and submit to twice-daily examination for a period of one week after interaction.

Any human beings found to be infected with the early stages of SCP-306 outside of quarantine are to be immediately detained and removed to quarantine by haz-mat recovery teams. Any personal possessions or property are to be immediately burned and the ashes contained and disposed of. Should an outbreak of more then twenty subjects occur, Directive 306-B may be enacted, resulting in the firebombing of the afflicted area.

Any areas on-site testing positive for SCP-306 will result in the immediate lock-down and quarantine of the infected area, and a full scan of the site must be made, with any additional infected areas immediately locked down. If infection is not contained within 48 hours, all areas in quarantine will be flooded with napalm and remained sealed for 24 hours.

Description: SCP-306 is a highly aggressive form of wart, but appears to have a more fungal nature, as opposed to viral. Its appearance is very similar to the common wart, with a variable diameter, but rising several centimeters from the skin. Growth is rapid, and warts will reach their fully developed size after a few days. After reaching their full size, they will begin to “flake off”, revealing a new wart forming underneath. Warts spread quickly, and can be communicated to other people via physical contact with infected areas. SCP-306 appears to mainly infect humans; however, testing is ongoing to determine any additional carriers.

Subject in advanced stages of infection.

SCP-306 will begin to “eat away” at any human tissue, slowly converting all tissues into a mass of warts. The constant formation of new warts beneath old causes SCP-306 to work deeper and deeper into the body, eventually compromising bone and vital organs. SCP-306 appears to “seal” openings during formation, making blood loss minimal. Death is usually attributed to vital organs being converted into SCP-306 warts, or suicide due to the stress and psychological factors associated with SCP-306.

The warts that fall from the body of infected subjects are very hard, and capable of spreading the SCP-306 “virus” for years after removal from the main body. SCP-306 has shown immunity to most methods of treatment, with the exception of high heat. However, once SCP-306 begins to show physical symptoms, it is often too late to treat the infection without mass amputation and cauterization.

SCP-306 was recovered from the body of a homeless man, identification of whom was impossible due to advanced infection of SCP-306. Subject was missing his left hand, right arm, large portions of his torso, and several areas of his skull and brain, all consumed by SCP-306 infection. Death was attributed to suicide by hanging.

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