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Item #: SCP-308

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-308 is placed in a 20' x 20' sterilized containment room and is to have two armed guards with Level-2 clearance or above outside entrance at all times. Any personnel entering containment room are to be decontaminated and be fitted with sealed bio-hazard full-body suits; no organic material is to be placed inside of SCP-308 without proper authorization. An observation window is on the right side of the room and should be checked for cracks or breaches daily, and after experiment #42-██, no personnel are to enter SCP-308 regardless of their rank. SCP-308 should remain open unless being studied.

Description: SCP-308 is a large ornate sarcophagus of Aztec origin. SCP-308 was found at location ███████ among similar sarcophagi, albeit SCP-308 was the only one that was empty. SCP-308 is covered in hieroglyphs that have been found to be not of the Aztec language and are currently indecipherable. Any living organic material placed inside SCP-308 will be rendered paralyzed, once the coffin is sealed with the lid the matter will rapidly decay until only bone, or other endurable substance, remains. The living tissue inside bones will be dissolved, but the actual bone is unaffected by SCP-308. Likewise, if dead organic material is placed inside SCP-308 and sealed, it will become active again. It has been found that SCP-308 only affects human organs and connective tissue this way. A deceased human body sealed in SCP-308 will have its organs and various blood vessels/arteries restored, while the skin and muscle tissue remains decayed (see experiments #47-██ through ████). For example, if a human heart is placed within SCP-308 and sealed it will become reactivated and begin to beat.

Further studies of this phenomenon have found that a series of organs placed inside SCP-308 will begin to grow a network of veins and arteries connecting them all. Oddly, it has been found that if two of the same organs are placed within SCP-308 they will also grow connections. During experiment #51██ (see below), a human brain was found to have above normal brain function and would have an IQ of roughly 256. A complete set of organs have been completed and resembles a typical human body minus skin, muscle and skeletal structure. Further study is required; SCP-308 could have useful purposes in reanimating dead personnel if scientific study shows that eventually the makeshift body will gain sentience and could be used by the Foundation. It is currently unknown what SCP-308 will do to a human who has one or more organs that are non-functioning, but it can be presumed it would make them recover while decaying the human itself.

Document #342-3: Experiment #51██ Transcript:

Dr. ████████: Okay, attaching the electrodes.
Assistant 1: Hmm, this can't be right, check the connections, Doctor.
Dr. ████████: Everything's fine here.
Assistant 1: Well, these readings are off the charts. It's surpassing the limits of human ability.
Dr. ████████: Ah! The Administrator will be pleased with these results. █████, go get the results to storage.
Dr. ████████: ██████! Are you listening? Go now.
(Assistant 2 was acting as if paralyzed and was unresponsive.)
(Assistant 2 began speaking unintelligibly and had to be escorted from the room. He became violent and had to be terminated. It can be assumed that the brain or SCP-308 had affected him in some way. Further studies are required.)

Addendum 342-c: Use of SCP-308 to pacify organic humanoid-sized SCPs has been suggested and is awaiting formal discussion.

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