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Item #: SCP-309-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained in a basic containment cell. Cell is to be completely soundproofed. Cell is to be checked every day at 0900 hours and again at 2100 hours to confirm the subject is still in captivity. Under no circumstances is the subject to be allowed access to any sort of musical instrument. Anyone, regardless of status or rank, who is seen approaching the subject with any sort of musical instrument is to be terminated immediately.

Personnel are not to accept any offers by the subject under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-309-J currently appears as an older male of mixed descent, with long matted hair, various music themed tattoos, and aged, tattered clothing, although its appearance will change periodically to better suit the mainstream music tastes of the period. Subject is often seen smoking heavily, despite the fact that it has never been issued cigarettes of any form, or even food, as it has shown no need to eat.

Tissue and blood samples obtained from the subject have been completely inconclusive.

Subject has excellent control of any number of musical items, and is capable of manipulating and warping the very nature of reality around it.

SCP-309-J refuses to answer most questions, including any and all personality and IQ tests, preferring to talk about music, of which its knowledge is extensive. However, attempting to get it to speak on music or artists that it dislikes, e.g. dance or Britney Spears, will cause it to become unresponsive for the remainder of the conversation. It has requested musical instruments several times, though all such requests have been denied, and is willing to settle on recordings, although this too has been denied for safety reasons.

The subject will often attempt to persuade personnel into an agreement, giving them mastery over a musical skill in exchange for their "soul". This can be completed verbally, or through a handshake, even if the conversation regarding the agreement was years previous and purely hypothetical.

Once in possession of a subject's soul, SCP-309-J can subtly manipulate their actions, though it cannot directly force them to do anything.

Subject claims to use a large number of aliases, ranging from the "God of Rock and Roll", "Ol' Red", and even the "Devil". It also claims to have been both the reason most members of the fabled 27 Club rose to fame, and the reason that they died, pointing out Robert Johnson in particular, stating that "he was fun an' all, but then he had to go and do sumthin' stupid an' annoy me. Pity."

Additional Notes:
SCP-309-J was captured in █████, Georgia, in 197█. Subject had challenged Agent John ████ to a contest to determine who was the better violinist. Agent ████ managed to beat SCP-309-J and escorted him into Foundation hands. The "Golden Fiddle" that Agent ████ procured during this contest is still on display in his office.

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