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File Photo of SCP-311

Item#: SCP-311

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-311's ability, the object is currently in use by Operative ███████ until further notice. (See Addendum 311-b)

Description: SCP-311 are a pair of black cotton gloves, printed with the design of the bone structure of a human hand, with the fingertips removed. When placed on the user's hand, they seem to grow or shrink according to hand-size, and can, theoretically, fit everyone.

What makes SCP-311 unique is that, once placed on someone's hands, they have a variety of positive effects on that person, although results have been variable. They include increased strength, firmer grip, indefinate grip, invulnerability (see Addendum 311-a), faster reflexes (see Addendum 311-a), and, occasionally, the removal of the user's fingerprints. Any positive effects seem to linger after the removal of SCP-311 from a subject, though they are not as strong once the objects have been removed. These positive effects are relative to the hands the gloves are worn upon, thus, wearing one glove on the left hand will only make the subject's left hand experience the phenomena.

Due to SCP-311's inability to be harmed, it is suggested that they be used to handle any other SCP that has caustic side-affects when touched. This suggestion has been approved by Overseer-0█.

Addendum 311-a: When testing the effects of SCP-311 on subject ███████, hearby known as Subject X9, the subject was instructed to wear both gloves at the same time. After putting on the gloves, X9 proceeded to attack both armed Agents in the room with him, disabling both of them with a single punch. Both Agents, once on the floor, attempted to shoot X9, only to have X9 "block" the bullets in middair with the palm of his hands. It was only after the subject was shot from behind by Agent ████ in his shoulder, was pacified, and following a small series of psychological evaluations, terminated. This sudden outburst was determined to not be caused by exposure to SCP-311, but has, instead, been attributed to one of the Agents in the room, who had made disparaging remarks to the subject prior to the trial. It should be noted, however, that through this incident, we have determined that the effects of SCP-311 only affect the hands, and not any other part of the body.
-Dr. Silas

Addendum 311-b: Until further notice, SCP-311 is to be issued to Mobile Operative ███████, due to his recent dangers in tracking the movements of a potential SCP object. Until they can be returned, any need of the use of SCP-311's abilities is to be submitted to me, so that I may evaluate it's importance relative to the accusition of the potential SCP object. And no, using them as oven mitts during kitchen duties does not outweigh the risk of losing an SCP.
-Dr. Silas

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