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Item #: SCP-312

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the short term benefits of frequent use of SCP-312, and a lack of deleterious effects observed in previous trials, SCP-312 is to be given access to all personnel of Level 1 or higher clearance. Unless undergoing formal testing, SCP-312 is to be stored in the communal dorms, with access being observed and recorded by a nearby security camera. Personnel who use SCP-312 are encouraged to submit feedback on the device.

Description: SCP-312 appears to be a free-standing closet, 5m x 5m, built entirely out of high grade titanium alloy, with the door operating on a proximity trigger, similar to those used commonly at supermarkets. Inside, the closet appears to be completely bare, with the exception of several clothes hangers. While these hangers can be removed, the number of hangers within the closet has never changed. These hangers are typically used to store the other byproduct of usage of SCP-312.

When any organic anthropoid enters SCP-312, the doors will shut fast behind them, and are incapable of being opened until the end of the process. At this time, SCP-312 will begin to scan the subject, noted as a bright green or blue beam that runs over the subject. Once scanning ceases, SCP-312 will begin to fill with a thick, viscous material. Where this material is stored, or where it comes from, is unknown at this time. Quickly, the chamber will be flushed, and the subject will be encased in a plush, full body suit known as SCP-312-1. This suit is customized to the subject not only by body type, but sleeping preference.

While wearing SCP-312-1, the subject will be able to sleep on any suitable surface, as if sleeping on a bed. Between all tests, subjects have been able to achieve sleep without fail, and within under half the normal time needed to do so, with REM commencing shortly afterwards. Subject will experience an unusually restful sleep, with four (4) hours of sleep being proportional to the suggested eight (8). Despite the thickness of the material staying the same, SCP-312-1 will maintain a comfortable internal temperature of 72°, regardless of external conditions. Infrared testing shows that SCP-312-1 will exhibit an endothermic or exothermic reaction as appropriate. Non-human anthropoids using SCP-312 are affected similarly, providing they sleep at all. Otherwise, they will simply find it very comfortable.

Addendum 312-1: Use of SCP-312-1 to catch a nap during work hours is not allowed nor encouraged, despite the open use of SCP-312. As of █-██-████, use of SCP-312-1 is restricted to the living quarters for all personnel Level 2 or lower.

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