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Item #: SCP-314

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Unit 19 and Site 47 have been built to house the object. All free standing objects within a 50 meter radius has been sheared off in a range of approximately 0.3-1.5m (1-5ft) from the ground. No personnel are allowed to enter the main room of Site 47 or approach the item's territory without clearance from an O5. This applies to all security levels.

Description: Object's appearance is that of a 1.22m (4ft) long, 0.3m (1ft) thick obelisk made of a highly reflective metallic substance. No attempt to ever contain or capture the blade has worked, so no conclusive tests can be done on its composition. While the object seems content to levitate above the center of the depression it has created, it has been known to seek out all sources of motion within 40-50m (131-164ft) of its core. Visual inspections conducted with telescopic imaging devices have determined that the edges of the obelisk are tapered into blades, and while the object bobs and rotates too frequently to get a steady picture, initial hypothesis is that the blade is articulated to a molecular scale.

Observations: The blade itself follows no known concept of modern physics, accelerating instantly towards any detectable movement within its "Active Zone". Speeds can reach excesses of 804.67km/h (500mi/h), and when it reaches the edge of its effect, it stops instantly and retreats. It hovers in place and does not move or react to any stimulus outside of a perfectly round area surrounding it. Scans for any kind of radiation or frequency broadcast were mostly inconclusive, with the only result being the faint reception of an as of yet unidentified classic rock station. Whether it originates from the blade or not is undetermined.

The area around the blade was once forested as indicated by the presence of tree trunks of various sizes, which seems to show that the blade was introduced to the area rather than natural forming. Stumps are cut at different heights, and various angles, and bear no markings of conventional machine cutting. During the construction of Site 47, the reason for this was made apparent when a tree was felled, causing a bird that had been perched on a branch to enter the Active Zone. It passed by a 1.52m (5ft) stump, and the blade quickly met it, bisecting the bird and cleaving cleanly through the stump, cutting it down to 1.22m (4ft).

Research Notes: Gen. ███████████ expresses interest in the SCP. Video log is recorded under his backing, labelled "Event Zero". Video demonstrates the ability to cut through titanium vehicle armor, class 4 body armor, and human beings without any visible sign of resistance. Theorized to be a mathematical construct in nature, implications of this are unknown and unexplored at this time. Several reports filed on experiences of handling this SCP and various tests performed. Refer to Observation Reports RE-314-1 through 3.

Video Log "Event Zero"

Currently under review by SCP Ethics Committee due to alleged mishandling of human resources by a Third Party. Gen. ███████████ personal history and service details also under investigation.

Observation Report RE-314-1 Speed Response

Project Lead: Dr. ████████████
Project Hand: Dr. ██████████
Subjects: D-47-1 through 3

Subjects arrived from nearby town after "recruitment" into the ranks. Instructed on the nature of the anomaly and briefed on the "Active Zone", which has been marked by a ring of bright orange reflective tape circling the area at a radius of 50.1 meters, providing enough room to safely mark the danger zone. Subjects were given a duffel bag of various sporting balls and instructed to co-ordinate throwing various types of implements into the field to test the blade's reaction to multiple moving targets.

Initial tests were performed with baseballs, and each subject threw their ball with a split second delay. SCP reacted quickly, and struck through all three balls in a single perfectly calculated angle. Subject enthusiasm increased, and testing procedures accelerated drastically. 314 shows no particular bias to the given weight, size or density of an item, only speed. The fastest moving object always gets struck first. Testing process altered slightly, Subjects will throw another three baseballs in different directions through the active zone, with the fastest going into the air over the blade, a medium speed throw going to the left, and a slow underhand lob to the right. SCP-314 reacts to all three, cutting the fastest first, and displays turning speed and cornering abilities considered impossible given our current understanding of physics. Test concluded with impressive results. New theory: SCP operates on extradimensional laws. Study this further through use of SCP-███

Observation Report RE-314-2 Height Requirement

Project Lead: Dr. ████████████
Project Hand: Dr. ██████████
Third Party Observer: Eng. J. ██████████ Sr.
Subjects: D-47-1, D-47-2

Today's experiments are overseen by an SCP robotics engineer, as we will be making use of several of his implements in todays tests. D-47-3 is absent today due to illness
[Reason cited: Hangover]. D-47-1 and -2 instructed again about Active Zone for reaffirmation and briefed in the use of several SCP Remote Handling Devices [further referred to as RHD]. Various measurement meters are set along the designated 'testing wall' to give measurement on respective heights. As a note, todays research was inspired by a realization made yesterday. All the tree trunks in the area that are cut off to a lowest point of 0.3m (1ft) are always angled downwards. Today is a test to see if there is a 'safe zone'.

Test begins with basic Manual extension RHD 'Bionic Arm'. Test produces results immediately when D-47-2 waves the mechanical grasper at the 2 foot mark within the Active Zone, and the hand is cloven in two perfectly by the blade, causing quite a shock to #2. #1 repeats the task, but waves the grasper hand below the 0.3m (1ft) threshold. SCP shows clear vibrations, but doesn't move. #1 instructed to raise the arm, and is nearly instantly greeted with the severing of the grasper at the wrist. Valuable insight gained in that #2's mechanical extension was split between the fingers when waved horizontally, while #1's grasper was cut off at the wrist while rising from the safe zone. Perhaps the angle of attack is always directly opposed to the direction of movement?

Observation Report RE-314-3 Speed Requirement

Project Lead: Dr. ████████████
Project Hand: Dr. ██████████
Third Party Observer: Col. ██████ █████████, Military Stealth Specialist/Tracker
Subjects: D-47-1 through -3

Today's experiment assisted by Military Stealth Op and Tracker, Col. ██████ █████████, who is part of SCP's military allotment. He will be training the Class D subjects in stalking and stealth techniques in case a dummy-test to determine if there's a speed requirement to trigger an attack, or simply any motion at all. If the initial test returns a positive attack, we will call off the operation without risking human life. Starting extra early today to give the subjects time to learn the art.

Several hours spent training, current time is 1342h, initiating dummy test.

Dummy successfully inserted into Active Zone without incident at a speed of 2.5cm (1in) per minute, but errant twitch causes a reaction from SCP-314 and dummy is bisected rather neatly. Live test called off for safety concerns. SCP-314 is too dangerous to approach on foot, only safe approach is along the bottom foot of safe space. SCP Eng. J. ██████████ Sr. will be contacted again to provide small surveillance rovers to travel the safe zone to get close up shots of the SCP for further study.


Rover Analysis 1

Video and audio recordings taken mere inches from the object reveal that the SCP creates a faint whistling sound from splitting the air around it. Minor vibrations are noted and a deeper frequency hum is also recorded. Further analysis on this is underway.

Rover Analysis 2

Managed to rig SCP-███ to another rover to get readings from 314. Information currently under review by higher security teams. I'm a bit upset I don't have a high enough clearance to see the results of my own work, but I'm sure this will earn me a recommendation for promotion to level 3 security.

Human Resources Dept. Note:
Dr. ████████████ caught fraternizing with Class D subjects that assisted on his research into SCP-314. Breach of protocol met with swift disciplinary action. Class D subjects terminated. Dr. ████████████ discharged from service after liberal administration of amnesiac agents.

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