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Image of internal tunnels sent by Expeditionary Force 315-005

Item #: SCP-315

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Entrances to SCP-315 are to be kept in constant illumination. Any suspected dimming of the bulbs in either searchlights or lamps is to be reported to Maintenance immediately. Bulbs must be replaced every 3 months regardless of condition. Should any incident with a possibility of breaching Research Site-25 occur, refer to Containment Protocol █-███-██. Should civilians attempt entry of Site-25, actions up to and including indefinite captivity, use of Class-A amnesiacs, and [REDACTED] are approved at Site administrator's discretion.

Description: SCP-315 is a network of underground tunnels, ranging from 3-10m wide and 2-18m tall, carved into bedrock. Studies of shaft walls show no identifying tool marks or patterns of erosion. Sonic resonance imaging techniques suggest several branches, with entry points on all major landmasses and several major continental islands, including █████████████ and the ███████ Isles.

The main entrance into SCP-315 (Entry Point "Alpha") is located within Research Site-25 in Greenland, 15km from the village of ██████████████. The main entrance faces south, and the tunnel extends 1km north before branching into an extensive network. The main entrance is framed with marble, engraved with symbols of unknown origins. Currenty no similar carvings or symbols exist in the Foundation database, though analysis is ongoing. Geological study indicates similar marble may be found in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 315-01: SCP-315 is a focal point of local legends. The tunnel's supposed "inhabitants" are said to be responsible for missing persons, and hikers in the area have claimed sightings of "moving, solid shadows" and other paranormal phenomena, including ██████████████. Local legends hold that such shadow-beings avoid light at all costs, and several sources mention sunlight as the most protective form of illumination. Speculation among junior researchers points to [DATA EXPUNGED] inconclusive at time of writing.

Addendum 315-02: Request by [DATA EXPUNGED] to convert various SCP-315 tunnels into a means of transportation made ██ █, ████. Approval Pending.
"It is possible. Simply smooth down the floor for tires and install enough lights to repulse whatever is in the darkness. -Dr. Fisher

Investigation Notice: Expeditions into SCP-315 are currently underway to evaluate the usefulness of the tunnels as a system of transportation. Documentation will be posted when footage and personnel reports have been compiled and analyzed. - Dr. B█████

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