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Item #: SCP-317

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Internet connection to Server 23 of our localized database is to be avoided. The server does contain important information required for the maintenance of field operations, and connection of the server to the internet must be limited to very short amounts of time while the data stream is monitored by a certified PN Computer Technician. No new data may be stored on the server.

Description: A PHP file was aberrantly created on Server 23 on 2 August 2008. This file mirrored many automatic scripts programmed by our software, but it was outside of system parameters.

On 26 September 2008 the file, SCP-317, began to update its content. The origin of this content is unknown. No data trace has been successful in discovering the origin of this content. Soon after, more content began to be created.

A recursive loop eventually found itself into the file. This led to any attempt to access the file slowly overloading the RAM of the computer, rendering it inoperable.

The content reflects a conscious awareness. Before the size of the file led the recursive loop to crash many computers in our network, research indicated clear and cognizant opinion statements and even legitimately humorous English-language jokes contained within the file.

It is therefore our scientific conclusion that the file is in and of itself self-aware.

Attempts to delete the file have resulted in the complete obliteration of the computers attempting to access the server. The silicon in the RAM cards melted. How has not been ascertained.

Addendum from Bijhan:
I believe this file was sent to my PDA on accident while I was on assignment with the Front Runners in Libya. I have not opened it. If there are two copies of this file, is it possible it's reproducing? What should I do? Requesting technical assistance.

Addendum from Dr. ██████:
PDA remotely destroyed. The possibility of this file reproducing itself is a grave threat to global security. Research is now underway on how to extricate it from the server.

Addendum from Dr. Fisher:
Warnings must be placed in areas suspected to be infected with SCP-317 as soon as possible. The severity of SCP-317 memetic hazards are unknown.

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