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Item #: SCP-318

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-318 (hereafter referred to as subject) is to be contained at site ██, along with her parents. Subject and her family are to be provided with food, clothing, and entertainment, and are allowed access to any non-restricted area of the compound. Neither subject nor her parents are to be allowed to leave the premesis until full understanding of her abilities is achieved.

Description: Subject is a female child 9 years of age, and exhibits the ability to change the length, color, and texture of her hair at will. When questioned, subject claims to be unaware of how she affects such changes. Otherwise, subject seems to be unremarkable.

Hair can be removed from subject by conventional means. Removed hair appears to be completely unremarkable, and can no longer be affected by subject once seperated from her.

Dr. ████████ has suggested that subject would be an excellent source of human hair for hairpieces. While this has been taken into consideration, no hair removed from subject is to leave the premesis of site ██ until the process by which the hair is created is better understood.

Subject has been given the nickname "Rapunzel" by staff, and will respond when addressed as such.

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