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Item #: SCP-319

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-319 is to be kept in a locked container within a standard containment unit. Guards are to be stationed outside of the containment unit at all times. Any personnel entering the containment unit are required to wear explosive-lined vests in the event they become compromised by SCP-319. No personnel are authorized direct touch with SCP-319; all personnel in violation of this protocol are to have their vests detonated immediately. In the event an individual is compromised and their vest fails, the room is to be immediately secured by any containment team in the range of XCT-100 to XCT-199, with the use of explosives authorized and recommended.

Description: SCP-319 is a shovel with a rusted spade head that is always covered in wet blood. All attempts to remove the blood have failed as have all attempts to damage the head of the shovel. SCP-319 exerts a small but noticeable pull on people's minds to draw them toward it. When picked up, SCP-319 compels the holder to immediately attack the closest target. SCP-319 is, through unknown means, able to increase the durability of the holders body and is even able to animate after confirmed termination. Dismembering the holder is highly effective at rendering the artifact inert again. SCP-319 is capable of penetrating any matter as if it were soft dirt, and also possesses the ability to detect life (towards which it directs its bearer.) Experimentation has revealed this ability to have a range of approximately 300 meters (986 feet).

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