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SCP-321 at stage 2
SCP-321 at stage 3

Item #: SCP-321

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In stages 1 and 2 an infected individual poses no significant risk of infecting others. Infected personnel can be held in minimum security quarters. Anyone with contact who displays symptoms must be checked at the infirmary to prevent possible spreading.

As soon as stage 3 symptoms manifest the host must be quarantined and no contact is to be made without a full Biohazard suit with air filtration.

If more than 1 class D personnel is infected, only one is to be maintained with preference given to individuals who have not progressed to stage 3.
If an infected subject is terminated, disposal of the body by fire is mandatory.

Description: SCP-321 is a fungal spore that sprouts on mammalian tissue.

Observations have shown that there is a life cycle of the colony.

The following is what we know of the life cycle

Stage 1:

  • Symptoms resembling a mild cold. May have a small rash similar to razor burn
  • 95% recovery without medication
  • 100% recovery with antifungal treatment
  • Typically lasts 3 days
  • Biohazard-1

Stage 2:

  • Subjects report an itching under the skin.
  • Skin in the affected area take a bluish tinge.
  • Skin elasticity diminishes, biopsy shows hyphae extending in the dermal layer
  • 60% recovery with aggressive oral antifungals
  • Typically lasts 1-4 weeks.
  • Biohazard-1

Stage 3:

  • Fungus will “bloom” causing multiple spore balls of a vibrant blue to form on the infected area.
  • Subjects will exude pheromones This induces a calm euphoria in the area of effect and seems to work on all mammals. The pheromones will continue to be emitted until subject is cured.
  • 50% recovery with antifungals
  • Typically lasts for 1 week
  • Biohazard-2

After stage 3 the infection reverts back to stage 2. The fungal colony will expand an extra 50% before continuing the cycle. Percentages listed are for the first cycle of infection, more progressive cases are more resistant to antifungal agents.

If it was not for the pheromones emitted in stage 3 and later this would be an ugly infection, but of no use to the Foundation. However the pheromones, which still defy analysis, may be of use to our operations.
-Dr. █████████

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