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Item #: SCP-323

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-323 must be kept within a room made of concrete no less than 1.5 m (5 ft) thick on all sides. It should be kept on a plastic stand secured to the floor. Entrances should be made of concrete and carbon fiber, appropriately reinforced. Under no circumstance should any base or ferrous metals, alloys, or metallic instruments come within 30 m (100 ft) of SCP-323.

Specifications are attached for the construction of the echotransmission tunnels requisite for keeping SCP-323 pacified (without the metallic components of speaker equipment). The effectiveness of echotransmission tunnels should be tested at no less than 60 dB in the containment room prior to the insertion of SCP-323. This should be retested biweekly to prevent sound dampening by general wear and the object's effects on the room. Testing, maintenance, and shaving is to be done by Class D personnel in teams of three, preferably of First Nations descent.

The chants necessary to keep SCP-323 dormant are attached in document OpNCan-SCP-323-Ad2. They are to be repeated by a descendant of the Yukon Cacrish First Nations band, in their entirety, with no more than ten minutes of silence before repetition. Mr. ██████, Mr. ██████████, and Mr. █████ are to be rotated in eight hour shifts. Should one be incapacitated, the remaining should be placed in 12 hour shifts for a maximum of one week before training a replacement(s).

Due to the considerable distance of the broadcasting room from SCP-323, Class 0 personnel may be used in the calibration of amplification equipment, administration of intravenous amphetamines, and the maintenance of related equipment in the broadcasting room. Class 1 or above preferred.

Description: SCP-323 is an animal skull of prodigious size, well-bleached and missing a lower jaw, measuring 74 cm (29 in) lengthwise and 25 cm (10 in) wide. It appears to be at least partially canine in origin. In the presence of SCP-323, fine hairs erupt from surfaces and objects in the facility. Additionally, staff assigned to SCP-323 report increased hair growth on the face, chest, back, and genitals. As the hair growth in the containment room may dampen the volume necessary to keep SCP-323 docile, the room must be shaved daily (see OpNCan-SCP-323-Ad4 for equipment specifications).

Since pacification measures have been implemented, it is unclear as to whether SCP-323 is still capable of locomotion, or merely disinterested. It does appear sentient and aware of its surroundings and despite pacification the object exerts a considerable coercive influence on those it can "see" (SCP-323 has binocular vision and will respond to objects within 30 m [100 ft]). Personnel under the influence of SCP-323 experience overwhelming urges to howl and to forcibly remove their lower jaw. Since incident NCan-I26, all personnel entering the room have been outfitted with a jaw-locking mechanism (see document OpNCan-SCP-323-Ad3) to prevent this, and since the mechanism's implementation SCP-323 has not attempted to elicit these particular behaviors from staff.

SCP-323 "sheds" teeth on a regular basis, assumedly during silences between chants while unobserved. All teeth shed by SCP-323 should be removed from the containment room promptly at the beginning of the next round of chant. Teeth should be sealed in epoxy before removal and sent to Laboratory NCan-05 for further study.

SCP-323 is capable of manipulating metallic objects, especially iron. Metal items that catch SCP-323's attention are invariably launched into the chest of the nearest handler with impressive force. SCP-323 does not attack with the intent to kill, instead deliberately avoiding piercing any vital organs.

Those wounded by SCP-323 are overcome with the urge to push shed teeth into the wound. Upon doing this, the affected's body undergoes rapid mutation, always involving a violent rupture of the cranium and typically including explosive hair growth, the bursting of the spine out from the tail bone, tooth growth, the bursting of the distal phalanges from the fingertips, ultimately the rupture of the skin and death from loss of blood. During this process the affected becomes violent and will attempt to place SCP-323 upon their exposed brain stem and escape. Affected personnel must not be allowed to do this, and in the event of injury the room is to be flooded with hydrogen cyanide gas immediately.

Regardless of incident, all Class D personnel in contact with teeth must ingest 75 mg of silver oxide immediately upon leaving the containment room.

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