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Item#: SCP-326

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-326 is to be located at Armed Bio-Containment Area-14. Subject is to be confined to standard living quarters and communal area as are all other non hostile sentient SCP subjects. When interacting, or in view of subject, one is not to reveal if one is of any medical profession, and lab coats are forbidden. At least one translator is to remain on site at all time, and must be briefed on the list of phrases and words that are not to be said in SCP-326's presence.

Description: SCP-326 is an Asian woman of Chinese origin, twenty-nine (29) years of age, 1.52m (5ft) in height and 86.18kg (190lbs) in weight. Hair and eyes are black. She can only speak the Min ██████ dialect of Chinese, although she is attempting to learn English at the moment.

The most notable feature about the subject's physical appearance are the large scars tracing the insides of her arms and hands, the spinal cord and back and sides of her ribs, and the outside of her legs to her feet. The scars are quite thick and ropey, being roughly 5 cm (2in) in width, with an opening along their length in the center.

SCP-326 has an extra skeletal structure, contained within the membrane sheath that these scars hide, although x-rays reveal that this structure extends throughout her entire body over her original skeleton. This structure is composed of a complex carbon polymer, formed into microscopic fibers. These fibers are hollow, and highly reactive to nerve impulses, and they are directly connected to the bone and tendon of the subject's shoulder blades and pelvis, among other places.

The subject can expose these "bones" and treat them as extra limbs. Due to their interesting physical construction, they are completely malleable and conform to the wishes of the subject, although she lacks finesse or long term experience with them.

While the subject's strength is normal for someone of her size and stature, the strength of these extra limbs has proven to be capable of lifting two and a half (2.5) metric tonnes, and applying up to 27.6 megapascals (4000 psi) of pressure using these limbs, but can only do so if they are unsheathed, as attempting to do this otherwise will damage the surrounding flesh and tissue.

Additional Notes: The subject says her name is Xiuxiu (she says her family is not important enough to have a last name), and claims to have come from a small village in central rural China. She says that she was not born this way, but that one day, she had gotten very sick, and that strange men came and took her away, saying that they could cure her illness. Instead they experimented on her, as well as many others.

She continues on to say that she cannot remember everything that they did to her, partially because of the trauma, but also that they did several strange things to her head. She goes on at length about the treatment she received and the parts of the implantation process that she can remember, and that somehow, (she does not exactly remember how) she escaped from them, and wound up where she was found, coming to the attention of the Foundation, in Southern Africa.

She displays certain mentally conditioned reflexes, responding to certain orders in several different languages. For example, when ordered to "attack", she will attack the nearest person to her if a target is not specified. After these acts are done, she does not remember having committed them.

She also has a pathological hatred and fear of doctors and hospitals, reacting violently and reflexively to those she believes are of the medical profession. Again, this seems to be a mentally conditioned reaction, although it appears to be one made accidentally.

She does not seem to be especially emotionally or mentally stable, and displays many symptoms of schizophrenic paranoia, although this is possible a result of her incarceration. She is wary of the Foundation, and does not seem to hold it in high regard, regarding it, and most other forms of authority, with suspicion.

That said, she is not actually hostile, and instead finds violence of almost any sort to be abhorrent. She has expressly announced her distaste for her captivity here, instead wishing to return home to her family.

Research regarding her implants is difficult, due to her reaction to doctors.

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