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Item #: SCP-327

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-327 should be kept in a 100mx50mx30m salt water pool at Site 17. The water must be changed at least once a month over a period of two weeks. The pool area must be open to the air to allow various sea birds to land. Due to its reduced mobility outside of water, no special attempts need be made to contain SCP-327. SCP-327's pool shall be stocked with various fish and sea creatures that are asked for by SCP-327 on a monthly basis. This also provides SCP-327 with her main food source. If asked for, SCP-327 may be given any standard meal provided by the cafeteria on site. The only special consideration is that SCP-327 must not be transported anywhere near active shipping harbors.

Description: SCP-327 appears to be a normal woman in her mid twenties from the waist up. She has no legs, but instead what appears to be the tail of a fish. She has expressed to numerous researchers that she is to be called Amanda and not by her SCP designation. She prefers to be topless and requests that anyone swimming with her be completely nude as well. She finds male staff members to be of particular interest, but as she lacks the requisite human orifices, no sexual activity has been reported. How SCP-327 breathes underwater is still under investigation, as she does not appear to have gills or any similar apparatus. The danger from SCP-327 comes if she is around any underway ocean-going vessel. When around such vessels, SCP-327 will begin singing in an unknown language; her song will cause whomever is piloting the ship to drive towards the nearest land mass at the fastest speed possible. It should be noted that autopilot systems will malfunction around SCP-327 and cause the ship to stop; any attempts by crew members to get the ship moving again will cause them to accelerate the ship into the nearest land mass. SCP-327 has taken a liking to various researchers who swim with her on a weekly basis, and no ill effects have been reported by staff who swim with her. SCP-327 has consented to testing of her scales and provided samples to researchers. She seems to have no idea why she sings around ships and remains oblivious to the results of her song.

SCP-327 came to the facility when fishermen off the coast of Miami, FL started reporting sightings of a mysterious woman in the water. Containment teams were dispatched via Osprey aircraft, and SCP-327 was collected without incident and got into the rescue tub of her own accord. It should also be noted that there were numerous reports of ships running aground or beaching around the time SCP-327 was collected, with crew members having no recollection of how the ship came to such a state.

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