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Item #: SCP-328

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-328 is to be stored at Sector 17 Hazardous Items Storage Containment facility near New Delhi, India. Standard biological, chemical, explosive, memetic, and neurological safeguards are to be in place at all times. Under no circumstances are unauthorized personnel to be permitted to remove SCP-328 from its storage facility. Research and Development of tactical applications is to be carried out under the direction of Dr. Chandrasekhar.

Description: SCP-328 resembles a recurve bow of Indo-European make 10 meters long, with a 1000 kg draw weight. The bow itself is constructed of a material of unknown composition, while the bowstring has been determined to be made up of ten thousand carbon nanotubes woven into a cable. The nanotubes appear to be enshrouding a polymer of unknown construction. At present, all attempts to unstring the bow have proven futile. Carbon dating places SCP-328's age at approximately 300BCE.

Experiments carried out using heavy construction equipment has determined that, upon being drawn back █m or more from its resting position, SCP-328 will become armed and ready to fire. One of several different firing modes will be chosen, based on ███ ███████ ██ █ ███████ █████ ██ ███ ████.

  • Mode A: "Plasma Burst" - SCP-328 fires a 300 degree bolt of flame that arcs towards a selected target and explodes into a plasma flame approximately 20m in radius.
  • Mode B: "Point Defense" - SCP-328 fires a number of projectiles approximately 10m in length and 1mm in width. Each projectile immediately tracks and engages any object approaching SCP-328 at more than 5 mph, then detonates upon impact. In field tests, Mode B has successfully engaged and destroyed three volleys of 110 22.86cm (9in) rockets fired by Apache attack helicopters at SCP-328.
  • Mode C: "Headcutter" - SCP-328 fires a 3m wide projectile consisting of a two-dimensional plane of pure force capable of slicing through any existing matter.
  • Mode D: Inactive

Addendum 328-A: Circumstances of Acquisition: SCP-328 was retrieved from an archaeological excavation site near New Delhi, India, on ██-██-████. Two days later, agents from Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Ltd., approached the leader of the expedition and attempted to purchase the item for the sum of ██,███,███ █████. Agent Beatrice Maddox, then on-site as an SCP liaison, was able to alert Foundation operatives of MCD, Ltd.'s interest in the item. Foundation agents then proceeded to retrieve SCP-328 from the dig site through the use of SCP-███, replacing it with a pre-constructed duplicate to allay suspicion.

Addendum 328-B: Forensic examination of SCP-328 has discovered the presence of fingerprints on the grip, seemingly preserved due to petrification of the surrounding stone at the dig site. The fingerprints appear to be identical to human fingerprints, albeit each one is approximately 1m in diameter. Further investigation is required.

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