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Item #: SCP-329

Object Class: Euclid (considering upgrading to Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-329 is to be kept in an artificial temperature chamber maintained at sub-zero temperatures, as any temperature above this will cause the item to ignite.

Description: SCP-329 is a manlike figure, roughly 3 meters tall, seemingly composed entirely of the woven stalks of the Calameae family (wicker). It was found at █████, England, at a suspected Pagan site. Upon the discovery of its "crypt" by a farmer tilling his fields. A small archeological team from a local university was called in. This team opened the crypt. Within a second, a ball of flame enveloped the team. Their remains were burnt to bone. After this incident, the Foundation was called in. Task Force Delta-5 secured the area and soaked the item in liquid nitrogen.SCP-329 was then brought to Site-32, as the low temperatures keep it unignited.

Addendum: This object must not be allowed to leave Site-32. If it escapes, it is imperative that it be destroyed by any means necessary. Its combustion will not destroy it.

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