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Item #: SCP-331

Object Class: Safe (formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-331 is to be allowed free roam of Site 11, with no security supervision necessary. SCP-311 requires no sustenance, although it does go into a resting period, therefor, it is to be furnished with a small mattress located in Agent ███████'s room. If SCP-311 shows desire for it, a CD player in Agent ███████'s room is to be played, using one of several albums that ███████ has specified. These include Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden, Purple by Stone Temple Pilots, Any of the Nirvana albums, and Siamese Dreams by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Description: SCP-331 is a small creature, measuring about 2'0" when standing straight, and weighs roughly 7 lbs, which is attributed to it's actual form. SCP-311 would appear to be made completely out of an inky, black shadow-like substance that is incredibly lightweight. Although it is normally an imp-like creature, its bodily composition is constantly changing, thus giving it slight shape-shifting abilities. In its normal state, it stands in a crouched position, bending its "legs" while its front arms hold its torso weight, similar to most chimps. Its head is large and circular, with an accentuated spike or tuft on the top (Agent ███████ attributes this to the creature spotting a character in one of his video games, and claims it used to just be a normal spherical shape), containing two emerald green "eyes" on the side of it's head.

The substance SCP-331 it comprised of is not identifiable as any sort of living organic tissue. When tested, this substance is close to the make up of normal tap water, but contains significant amounts of an unknown substance that activates the molecules and seem to create a supersolid substance.

SCP-331's behavior is almost, if not, human in its attitudes. It has shown a slight dislike for it's SCP designation, and prefers the name given to it by its discoverers, "Riley". It responds the same way most humans to to normal stimuli, though it is notable that it does not seem to perceive pain (though still expresses displeasure towards violent acts against it). "Riley" shows emotion by altering its face to appear in a wide arrangement of emotions, as well as using a variety of coos, chitters, squeaks, and chirps to communicate. Another notable trait of its communication is that, after an extended amount of exposure to SCP-331's sounds seem to become comprehensible as speech. To outside observers, it appears as if it is simply chittering to a person, the person will actually hear whatever it is trying to convey to them.

Another thing to note is SCP-331's reactions to music. When exposed to music, "Riley" seems to react in a variety of different ways. When it approves or tolerates music, it seems to fluctuate and wriggle to the music. When it disapproves, however, it sinks down into a pool on the floor and growls until the music is stopped or changed. To the date, it enjoys mostly rock music, especially Grunge music from the early 90's, but it reacts well to most music, including dance, hip-hop, techno, classic jazz, and even country-western and classical. It has disapproved, however, of house music, easy listening, speedcore, death metal, and especially has a distaste for jazz fusion.

SCP-331 was discovered by Agent ███████ during his tracking of another potential SCP object. The object in question is [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-331 was found after one of these encounters. Unlike the other creatures, however, SCP-331 was not caustic to the touch, and was found to have sentience and rational thought.

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