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Item #: SCP-333

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-333 is currently stored within the natural Faraday bubble above Ayers Rock, as is standard procedure for all subclass-█████ Euclid artifacts. It is remotely monitored four times daily by nearby Site-31.

Description: SCP-333 has no discernible physical appearance, and spectrum analysis yields no significant EM radiation trace from shortwave to X-ray bands. SCP-333 appears to be a single point in space which has become stuck within a single point in time, with an estimated position somewhere around September of 1974 based on observable effects. In fact, the only evidence of SCP-333's existence comes from observations of its effects: any matter entering the area around SCP-333 is slowed to a temporal stop, and within seconds begins violently returning to the form it existed in at the point in time SCP-333 is anchored. Wooden chairs placed in the area of effect have reverted to trees, car parts unsmelt to their base ores, and organic beings devolve to a less developed state; living specimens have been observed returning to child, fetal and zygote phases of development. Anything which was not coherently formed before September 1974 simply ceases to exist entirely.

Objects within the field remain frozen in time until removed from the area of effect. For reasons not yet understood, the more objects within the area of effect, the larger said area becomes. The topography of the effect is also altered, and as matter is added it rapidly changes from an ideal spherical shape of approximately 10m radius to a complex metapolygon of variable intensity.

Once removed from the area of effect, persons reverted to an earlier state by SCP-333 do not appear to suffer any adverse effects, save for the resultant psychological trauma from having lost a significant portion of their life history. Physically, however, they exhibit vital signs consistent with the time portion of their lives they were reverted to, with no perceivable mutation or cancerous rejection of tissues.

SCP-333 was first observed in the attic of an abandoned residence in █████, ████████ in 1992. Neighborhood children and teenagers, drawn to the house by tales of it being haunted, began to disappear. Seven local police officers and twelve townspersons were affected by SCP-333 before its presence was alerted to the SCP. An additional forty-six Agents were consumed by the effect before containment and mobility procedures were devised by Shaman ███, based around his suggested unorthodox usage of SCP-224. These events were directly responsible for the creation of the emergency class "█" clearance level; Shaman ███ is thus far the first and only Agent to be assigned said class.

Internal Memo #333-07:
To: Dr. █████████ █████
From: Senator ████ ██████
RE: Project ████████████

Doc, get ██████ and █████ some kind of clearance for the Aussie site. I want them to get a handle on this thing. I'd pay top dollar to see the look on the ████████'s faces when we resurrect President ████ and put him on the ballot for a second term.

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