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Patient Zero of SCP-3333

Item #: SCP-3333

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3333 is not fully contained. Any reported cases are to be located and quarantined immediately by the Foundation. In the mean time, SCP-3333 victims are to be kept in the Site 19 Chicken Coop.

Description: SCP-3333 is an infectious disease. The disease can be held for an indefinite amount of time without displaying any symptoms. When the first "wave" of the disease strikes its hosts, the host will sneeze, several blue sparks will fly from the host, and the host will transform into a chicken instantaneously. Most clothing disappears as well, though particularly prominent pieces of clothing have been known to stay. However, this chicken will still be able to talk. The second wave seems to remove this voice as well, completing the conversion into a chicken. At any stage, including after the second wave or before the first, the disease can be spread to others. Approximately three weeks after the second wave, the host will transform back into their previous form. The method of spreading is unclear.


SCP-3333 was recently exposed to SCP-008. The resulting strain, SCP-3333-008-1, seems to combine the traits of the two SCPs. It will cause its victims to turn into zombie chickens with a desire to peck all humans they see to death. The dead humans will later turn into more zombie chickens. Whoever let this happen is getting some more work done with SCP-682.


SCP-3333 was also recently exposed to SCP-217. SCP-3333-217-1 now seems to [REDACTED] clockwork chickens. Seriously, who's letting this happen?


Oddly, recent tests seem to confirm that when humans over the age of 70 are infected with SCP-3333, they transform into rats instead of chickens. It is possible that this is because of [DATA EXPUNGED].


SCP-3333 just outbroke at site 19 and seems to have spread to other sites. Many Foundation Personnel are contracting the disease. A cure must be found as soon as possible.


Several of our highest personnel have recently been infected with SCP-3333. Quarantine efforts have been unsuccessful as it seems able to spread even if its victims are dead or in isolation. Among those infected:
Dr. Clef was infected. It was not realized who he was until he started pecking at Dr. Kondraki despite not being infected with SCP-3333-008. The second victim was Dr. Kondraki, presumably due to this pecking. Dr. Gears was found to be the next host when he was identified as a clockwork chicken despite not hosting SCP-3333-217-1. Dr. Glass was discovered as the only chicken with human-esque hair. Dr. Rights was the first female chicken and the last infectee at the time of writi hhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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