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Item #: SCP-334

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-334 must be stored away from it's completing parts. Note that the artifact itself is simply a reflective steel CORE of it's commercial equivalent. When not contained inside an applicable shell, SCP-334 is harmless, even unremarkable.

Description: The "Power Ball" is so called because of it's similarity to the core of a certain novelty item. The differences between this artifact and it's common cousin however, cause SCP-334 to be rated as both supernatural and dangerous, and classed as a Euclid object.

After just a few seconds of spinning the object, the sound of it "gears up" from a dull whine very quickly, and becomes more of a loud whistling noise. Shortly thereafter, however, it falls oddly silent. Once the ball has descended into silence, it will continue to build speed unassisted, spinning well beyond it's own recording equipment's range, and even our own. The RPM is known to be in excess of one hundred thousand.

In this silent state the artifact is much easier to control. It moves beyond the "rough" speeds, exceeding it's own resonant frequency. If the ball is released, or held lightly it will begin to sound a screech like any of the normal toys; but will also begin to glow bright orange along the gyroscope's friction plate. If cast while glowing, the ball will burst into flames, and fly in the direction of it's momentum.

Upon impact with another object while flying at great speed, the ball will cause a "grenade-like" explosion outward from the steel gyroscope at the centre. Any parts attached will be stripped away from the core at great speed. The effects of the explosion have been tested for their lethality, and well exceed the requirements for military application. Although there has been no expressed intrest, possibly because of the "spin-up" time (varying between approximately 4 and 30 seconds, depending on the skill and strength of the user.)

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