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Artist's depiction of SCP-336

Item #: SCP-336

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-336 is to be provided living quarters 60m x 60m in size, maintained and refurnished as requested by SCP-336. Bouquets of poppy and white roses are to be provided and replaced as needed, with the current rate of decay requiring replacement once every three (3) months. A single mirror treated with AgNO3 is to be provided and similarly maintained.

A voice modulator device, fitted over SCP-336’s mouth, is to be checked and maintained by Level 2 personnel wearing headgear lined with Telekill alloy. The modulator’s power supply is to be checked for integrity once per week. In the event of the device’s failure, local lockdown procedures are to be respected until the SCP-336 has been isolated.

SCP-336 is to be denied direct access to all non-Safe class SCP objects, as well as limited access to all personnel above Level 2 clearance.

Description: SCP-336 appears to be a pale-skinned female of otherwise Arabic or Middle-Eastern descent in her late twenties. She is 1.73m (5ft,8in) in height, and weighs 49.9kg (110lbs). Subject possesses a natural beauty, considered attractive but unsettling to most male staff who have interacted with her. Subject requires no sleep or sustenance, and does not appear to be affected by age or sickness of any nature. Of note are two small bony protrusions growing from the subject’s back, which appear to be vestigial wings.

SCP-336, preferring to be known as “Lilith,” behaves impassively and detached amongst other people, normally preferring privacy to interaction amongst Foundation staff. Highly intelligent and coldly analytical, she has provided a result of 190 on a standard IQ test. SCP-336 is capable of influencing sentient thought through verbal suggestion and is able to manipulate a subject’s actions in all cases that do not conflict with self-preservation. This effect is psychic in nature, as it has been seen to affect the deaf no differently. In compliance with the Foundation’s wishes, SCP-336 has been fitted with a speech modulation unit, which reads and re-transmits anything she says through a synthesized female voice, effectively neutralizing her vocal abilities. SCP-336 is also able to both view and travel through any mirror to any other mirror in existence, with the exception of those treated with any kind of silver compound. A noticeable improvement in attitude is observed when SCP-336 uses a mirror, and she has been noted to be somewhat narcissistic, fawning over herself for hours. Flowers, specifically poppies and white roses, also possess significant interest to her.

Of particular note is SCP-336’s effect on the emotion of love. Despite her appearance, male and homosexual female staff have found that even thoughts of love or attraction directed towards SCP-336 are impossible to maintain. SCP-336 has reported that this works both ways, and maintains that this is a boon despite opinions otherwise. Feelings of love towards other people are dulled as well when in the immediate presence of SCP-336, with removal from her proximity dismissing the effect.

SCP-336 was originally found operating a flower shop within a small town in █████. When questioned about the shop, local residents reported that it had “always been there,” despite no records on file indicating its existence. Despite this, examination of the building’s foundations indicate that it had far preceded human settlement in the region. When a Foundation researcher encountered the shop on vacation, SCP-336 approached him, and began to close shop. On inquiring where she was going, she answered, “The same place you’re going, I suppose,” and returned with him to a nearby Foundation facility, before being relocated to Site 17.

Addendum 336-A: SCP-336 has made several comments relating to SCP-073 and SCP-076, exhibiting a wealth of prior knowledge relating to the two, although she has been adamant about not sharing this information.

Addendum 336-B: When questioned about SCP-071 and SCP-166, she has been shown to exhibit anger and resentment at the very mention, refusing to answer further inquiries.

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