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Item #: SCP-337

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-337 is to be held at Armed Research Site-45 for weaponization and testing purposes. Access to SCP-337 is to be limited to Level 2 clearance, with provisions made to military personnel of appropriate rank. Use of SCP-337 is to be properly supervised by no less than two (2) researchers with all results documented and archived for experimental review.

Description: SCP-337 appears to be a pair of archaic Grecian sandals, dated to 720 BC. The sandals themselves are crafted entirely from pure 24 kt gold, although lacking the typical weight and malleability. Of note is the fact that, despite being such an ancient artifact, SCP-337 shows no wear or degradation. On either side of the heel of both sandals are two small avian-like wings. DNA analysis shows that the wings, while biological, match no known species of bird. Also of note is that the wings will "molt", and shed feathers occasionally. These feathers regenerate over time, but have no unusual qualities on their own See Addendum 337-3. SCP-337 is capable of being worn on any foot, regardless of shape or size, and will automatically adjust to the wearer when worn. After adjusting to a specific person, it will retain this shape for 24 hours before another foot may be accommodated.

When worn by a sentient subject, SCP-337 will give the subject the ability to fly as long as they are worn. The means of propulsion are still unknown at this time, although air resistance and wind act upon the subject as they would an average bird in flight. The maximum speed SCP-337 has been able to achieve is 80 m/s, although acceleration and velocity have been noted to vary from subject to subject. SCP-337 does not, however, supply its user with the innate ability to fly, and as such require training to properly utilize. Several subjects have likened it to learning how to ride a bicycle, and few serious incidents have resulted from misuse of SCP-337.

SCP-337 was originally discovered in ██████, Greece, in an exhibit at the ████████ Museum of History. Originally thought to be an art piece made for the exhibit, several employees and visitors noted feathers collecting around the base of the item. On the suggestion of fellow faculty, Mr. █████ used the feathers to construct an additional exhibit involving the Icarus myth, affixing them to a wax frame. One of the maintenance crew, on a dare while quite drunk, attempted to use the wings to jump from the second story window. His resultant and clumsy flight lead to the investigation and discovery of SCP-337.

Addendum 337-3: Attempts to recreate the "Icarus" wings have shown that the feathers that molt from SCP-337 are capable of allowing limited flight when used in sufficient numbers. Using them in this fashion is much less effective than SCP-337 itself, but research into military applications have begun to show promise.

Addendum 337-4: After Incident 337-1, we can determine that the "Icarus" method does have a deleterious side effect not seen with SCP-337. All test subjects have shown to develop an insatiable desire to fly upwards, despite their current altitude. Inevitably, this results in suffocation and death by exposure to extremely cold temperatures found in high altitudes. As of █-██-████, all testing on SCP-337's byproduct is to be put on hiatus.

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