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Item #: SCP-339

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in its locker in a secure storeroom at Site 19. Object is nonthreatening, but is only to be removed by personnel with the proper clearance.

Object is only to be used or tested by personnel properly trained in its operation.

Object has so far shown itself to be fully destructible: intentional damage and disassembly is expressely forbidden. It is to be kept in its padded case while in transport.

Description: Object is an antique military grade telescopic sight. Object is approximately 52 centimetres long and is coloured a metallic grey. Object has a crude inscription on its surface reading: “В. За́йцев – Сталингра́д 1942” ("V. Zaitsev - Stalingrad 1942").

Object’s anomalous property is its ability to induce muscle movements in operators attempting to utilize it with a weapon.
A single operation of SCP-339 progresses through several phases: (i) SCP-339 induces the operator to line up whichever of its preferred targets are visible, (ii) the operator will then compensate for drop and windage, if this is necessary, (iii) the operator will then draw breath and pull the trigger of the weapon. SCP-339’s preferred targets are (in order): the brain (specifically the medulla oblongata), the heart, the brain stem and spinal column, major abdominal organs and extremities.

SCP-339’s effects vary with two factors: the proficiency of the operator, and the firearm being used. The firearm used determines the overall “effectiveness” of the scope (i.e. its reaction time and angle at which targets can be detected). The scope’s “preferred” firearm has been determined to be any military pattern bolt action rifle. Investigation into this is continuing, and is expected to show an accurate result as to what type of rifle SCP-339 was originally fitted to.

The proficiency of the operator determines the operator’s control over the scope – improficient operators will fire upon any exposed human target visible, while trained snipers can resist and exert control over firing.

Addendum 339 A: According to records recently declassified by the KGB's "Special Circumstances Division," the metal used to make SCP-339 was acquired in Finland on March 6, 1940, in the form of the open sights removed from a Mosin-Nagant M-28 rifle taken from "an injured Finnish Sniper." Said Finnish sniper is not named in the report, but is believed to be Simo Hayha, "The White Death," a Finnish sniper with the highest confirmed kill count (542) in history. Whether the item received its properties at this time, or whether it had them prior to this date, is unknown.

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