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SCP-340 during an attempt to remove its contents.

Item #: SCP-340

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-340 is to be kept in a lockbox placed inside a storage locker at Storage Site-23. The item does not require a constant guard, but personnel watching the security cameras are advised to check SCP-340's locker often. Any unauthorized personnel found with SCP-340 on their person is to be subjected to a thorough psychiatric evaluation and severely reprimanded.

Description: SCP-340 is a yellow plastic tube of M&Ms Minis, circa 1998. The item contains all standard colors for the candy in question. The object was retrieved on ██/██/200█ from the home of a suspect in a series of ritualistic murders after the suspect [DATA EXPUNGED].

Careful experimentation has revealed that consumption of the candies within SCP-340 causes a variety of psychoses, based on the color of the candy eaten. Most subjects were drawn to eat only one color, but would also eat others with mild coercion. In this case, the subjects developed a different psychosis for each color eaten. Symptoms grow more pronounced with further consumption of a particular color. If consumption is discontinued, the disorder does not go away and will behave as a naturally-occurring mental illness.

Physical analysis of the candies contained in SCP-340 reveals that they contain an anomalous chemical compound that SCP researchers have been unable to identify. Class D subjects eating the candies report that they "taste a little funny". Research on the anomalous chemical compound is ongoing.

Document 340-1: After some experiments with Class D personnel and a few weeks of mental health evaluations, we've figured out which color goes with what disorder. The list is attached below.
– Dr. █████

Brown: Schizophrenia
Yellow: Hallucinations
Orange: Megalomania
Red: Sociopathy
Green: Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Blue: Paranoia

Addendum: After Incident 340-14, it is recommended that SCP-340 be upgraded from Safe to Euclid. There will be no further attempts to neutralize this item through eating all the contents. It's a good thing we terminate Class D personnel at the end of the month, because this subject is severely disturbing his guards, base psychologists, and everyone else involved. At least we know now that the item can't be emptied. And with what happened to this poor guy, maybe we should look into possible covert military applications before we try another neutralization attempt.
– Dr. █████

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