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Item #: SCP-344

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, as Dr. Iceberg has turned in all plans, to our knowledge, on the object and it is designed to self-destruct in the event of reverse engineering attempts, it may remain in his possession. However, all weapon systems built for it are to be stored in a sealed container, which are not to be given to the object, nor should Dr. Iceberg be told the location of the container, be without Level 4 authorization.

Description: The object is a bipedal robot, with a clear resemblance to common mech designs used in Japan. Both hands possess four fingers and one thumb. It is made of 3.63kg (8lbs) of titanium, 4.99kg (11lbs) of SCP-143, and 3.63kg (8lbs) of various other materials, including high end electronics and parts put through SCP-914. It is equipped with several features, although many more were written in the early design plans. Multiple weapons were created for the object, all of which have been confiscated. Demonstrated abilities include:

  • Self-propelled flight through boosters on the pack and a form of anti-gravity system. Though heavy use of energy reserves, it has flown at speeds of Mach 3, to scale.
  • High speed computing, and two A.I., one for common use and one for combat. The common use A.I. has an IQ of 150, while too many questions to the combat A.I. cause it to revert to the common use A.I.
  • Lift 113.4kg (250lbs), and several times that carrying it with the use of its boosters.
  • Play songs from a selection of over one thousand (1000) from small yet powerful speakers.
  • A, to scale, energy rifle capable of firing at rapid or single rounds using the scope which has excellent piercing capabilities.
  • Twin missile attachments meant to be attached to the shoulders. They hold sixteen (16) missiles each, and are guided by the tracking system in the object. Each currently has to be hand produced by Dr. Iceberg.
  • A larger missile that is meant to hide inside the object, and then fire from the back. It has two eyes and a red mouth with sharp white teeth painted on. It is confirmed to be a small scale nuclear warhead, capable of taking down several buildings. Thus far, Dr. Iceberg has refused to hand over any design plans for it.

It is approximately 15 centimeters (5.9 inches) tall and 12.25kg (27lbs).

It was constructed by Dr. Iceberg, who claimed that the idea came to him after seeing SCP-244, and that he desired to “make a better one”. He constructed much of it in secret; however, near its completion he began to put up signs announcing his unveiling of it, including a sign claiming it to be the “Tenth Wonder of Modern World”. He has attributed the small size to a lack of resources, as he does not possess a high enough clearance level to authorize the collection, transport, and use of many materials listed in the early blueprints. Regardless, many materials and tools used in its construction should not have been available to him.

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