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SCP-345, taken immediately after acquisition by Foundation agents

Item #: SCP-345

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-345 is to be kept in a locked box blessed by a bishop-level or above clergymen of any Abrahamic faiths. The box is to be contained at Site 19 in a 5m x 5m x 3m room. Two armed D-class personnel, with no substantial alliances to any Abrahamic faiths are to guard the object 24/7 in 12-hour shifts. During the Lental season of the Catholic Church, the on-site guard is to be tripled to 6 armed D-class personnel taking 8-hour shifts, as phenomena associated with this object increases during this time. All Level 2 personnel assigned to SCP-345 are to be alerted to any visits of Abrahamic clergy at least 72 hours in advance, and are authorized to take appropriate measures. All personnel assigned to SCP-345 are to undergo weekly psychological evaluation, and the containment facility is to be searched daily for any sort of religious writing or scripture. Any individual attempting to gain unauthorized access to SCP-345 is to be terminated with extreme prejudice. Any personnel found with religious pamphlets are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-345 is a standard set of rosary beads, measuring 60 cm (24 in) in length. The beans and the chain are constructed out of sterling silver. The object was manufactured by Sheehan Religious Articles, based out of Dayton, Ohio. The beads were then sold over the internet to ████████████, a youth group based out of ██████████, who then sold them as part of a fundraiser to what the Foundation presumes to be the original owner of the object. SCP-345 has no detectable radiological, biological, chemical, or temporal properties. The object's temperature changed with the temperature of the surrounding area, but the object never entered a phase change at any point in time. All attempts to destroy the object have met with failure; the object is seemingly invulnerable.

SCP-345, when worn, can cause any sorts of odd phenomena to the wearer, from euphoria to paranoid delusions, to even immersive dream states. The object emits a mental lure, the strength and range of which correspond directly to the time of year and the strength of faith in the subject. Subjects with strong Abrahamic faith who adhere to the laws of their religion are affected at further distances than unfaithful personnel, and are affected more strongly at distances that would only elicit a mild response in non-faithful personnel. Once worn, the subject generally reports immersive hallucinations of a religious or prophetic nature (oftentimes concerning an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario), or feeling a sort of aura. The strength of these phenomena are directly in proportion to the Abrahamic faith in the wearer and/or the time of year. Other as-yet-undetermined factors may affect SCP-345's strength.

SCP-345 was found by Sgt. █████████████ during a routine B&E call from a construction foreman working on a series of high-rise apartments. Upon further investigation, Sgt. █████████████ found the body of the original owner of SCP-345 along with [DATA EXPUNGED – THOSE WITH LEVEL 2 CLEARANCE OR HIGHER PLEASE REFER TO DOCUMENT 345-01 FOR MORE INFORMATION]

Addendum 345-01: Due to its association with XK-class end-of-the-world scenarios, securing SCP-345 in the event of an XK event is vital. Also, SCP-345 is not come near any other XK-class items.

Document 345-01: The following is the “Narrative” section of Sgt. ████████████'s report, filed on ██/██/████. For the purpose of security, all header information (date, time, PD, etc.) will be redacted and the handwritten narrative portion transcribed below:

(unintelligible) at 5:36 am. The foreman came to the gate to greet me. “Damn kids (unintelligible) always breaking in and stealing my shit.” I immediately went to the western corner of the compound. (unintelligible) cut a hole in the chain link fence. My suspicions were immediately aroused. “Damn kids” don't generally go through the trouble of cutting a fence just to break in and raise hell. (unintelligible) heading towards the towers. I took out my flashlight and followed them. The footprints continued into the building, up the stairs and onto the 13th floor. I followed the (unintelligible) and into a room on the NW side of the building. This is where I found the two victims, lying face-down in a pool of their own blood. I knew the two young men, they and I were members of the same church. One of them, █████, was wearing a set of silver rosary beads, which was spotless although it was surrounded by blood. It initially appeared that the two victims had each taken some sort of blast to the chest, but no weapon fire had been reported that morning. Around their bodies was a massive array of supplies and weapons: a Remington 700 sniper rifle, a radio, an M16 semi-automatic rifle, (unintelligible) and much more which I will compile in a detailed report later. Also I found a notebook on the table behind the two victims. Each page was filled to the brim with unintelligible scribbles and doodles. From what I could make out, it was several references to the Revelation book in the New Testament bible, as well as various other scripture quotes and biblical references, as well as a crudely drawn map of the area, what appeared to be a suicide note, a will and testament, and several references to [DATA EXPUNGED], apparently predicting some kind of apocalypse if he won the election. These boys seemed like they intended to assassinate ███████████████, judging by the notebook and the weapons in the room. At this point I called for backup.

Note: Sgt. ███████████████ was later suspended without pay for the alleged stealing of evidence, SCP-345. At this point, the Foundation became involved and retrieved the object using inside agents with no collateral damage.

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