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Item #: SCP-350

Object Class: Safe (until further notice)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-350 is to be contained at Site-76 in a monitored room at all times. Any proposed experiments with SCP-350 are to be submitted for the approval of Dr. Rowe, or any Level-4 Security Personnel. It is imperative that no D-class personnel utilize SCP-350, as this could lead to a possible escape.

Description: SCP-350 appears to be an average sized book. On the cover, the title of the book Teach yourself Telekinesis in ten Minutes a Day! On the inside of the cover, it is written that the book was published by a currently unknown company, known as "Pandora Publishing". On the back of the book the words "Read Pandora's other classics," and several other books are listed. It is unknown if the other books in the series share the same ability as SCP-350, but it is suggested that the other books be located.

At first SCP-350 seems to be a normal book catering to young teen aged children interested in the occult. However, if any person or persons reads SCP-350 from start to finish, and follows the instructions precisely, the subject or subjects will develop an unusual ability to move objects remotely, much like the widely reported phenomenon of telekinesis.

It has been discovered that transcribing the techniques listed in SCP-350 onto another piece of paper, will still yield the same results. Therefore, it is doubtful that SCP-350 is actually unnatural in any way, while the techniques within, are.

Addendum: Due to the deaths and/or injuries of seventeen SCP Foundation personnel who attempted to use the techniques within without observing proper safety protocols, I am confiscating SCP 350 and placing it in my office safe. In addition, please contact site maintenance to bring a ladder and get Agent Kinkaid down off the roof. We need him down here if we're going to reassign him to clean SCP-682's cage. - Dr. Klein

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