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Item #: SCP-351

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-351 is to be kept in a completely sterile place at all times, no organic material is to be brought in or out without the strict permission of an O5. On handling the SCP-351: PK-X1 issue gloves should be used, and all handlers MUST wear the KK-2M Fully Enclosed Environment Suit. In the event that unprotected organic matter enters the room, SCP-351 must be held in place and a high powered vacuum will activate. In the event that organic matter should touch SCP-351 without the permission of a superior, the lab must be evacuated for no less than 48 hours.

Description: Object appears to be a human finger, 3.1" in length, severed from its hand, just before the third knuckle. The skin tone is of a normal Caucasian color, and seems almost as if it still has a supply of blood. The only unusual thing about its appearance is the fingernail, which is a reflective metallic color. When touched with any organic material, the nail glows a bright orange color and the finger begins to convulse in a sporadic manner. In this state, the nail emits an immense heat, and studies have shown that this heat pumps energy into the finger, allowing the convulsions. Any matter that comes in contact with the nail in this state is instantly converted into energy. SCP-351 will stay in this state for approximately 24 hours, although, depending on the amount of organic matter that has touched it, it could stay in this state for over 72 hours.

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