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Item #: SCP-353

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-353's unit is sealed with standard biological hazard UN 2814 precautions. Full hazardous materials suits, gloves and oxygen supply will be required to examine subject. A shower and decontamination spray is standard procedure before and after contact with SCP-353. The whole unit is sealed airtight at all times to prevent accidental contamination to the outside area. Due to the nature of SCP-353's ability, the entire level is certified Biohazard threat level 4. Direct communication with SCP-353 is to be performed only by certified personnel with skills in diplomacy, psychology, hostage negotiation situations and an overall friendly demeanor. A knowledge of music and musicians is greatly desired in these personnel. Above all else SCP-353 is to be kept placid and generally positive in attitude at all times. Subject is best kept placid by being provided with forms of modern entertainment, such as American music and video games, of which she is fond. Any items released into her containment area are to stay there permanently; if removal is necessary, they should be destroyed.

Description: SCP-353 was picked up in a [DATA EXPUNGED] near Dresden, Germany. Subject appears to be a normal human female, nineteen years old, of average physical capacity. Subject's intelligence appears to be above average, but has refused to complete any of the provided intelligence tests.

SCP-353 can, seemingly at will, siphon viral infections into the air around her. It appears she can pick up dormant strains from local areas, nurture the infection within her body, and then redistribute them with devastating effect to pandemic severity while remaining immune to the symptoms herself. Her mood directly effects the radius of infections recorded, with increased emotional states leading to massively increased infections. Originally encountered in [DATA EXPUNGED] South Africa, where she seemed to be deliberately seeking to pick up strains of the Ebola virus, she was pursued to Germany where she successfully contracted the Marburg viral strain, and began redistributing the virus at a pop music festival when personnel attempted to arrest her. Eventually subdued by physical means and brought to the facility.

Subject's pathology is uncertain. She prefers to be referred to as 'Vector', and refuses to divulge any other name. SCP-353 prefers to wear black, dyes her hair so, and applies equally dark makeup. SCP-353 claims to have traveled the western world seeking greater infections for her 'collection'. She claims to be able to distribute Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, Yellow Fever, and other mostly extinct infections. She is eager to expand her collection, for unknown means. SCP-353 does not claim to recall when her ability manifested, but has expressed she was not always capable of such a function.

Note:Recently, SCP-353 has begun to express a desire for male company. Personnel with appropriately aged male children willing to take part in an experiment should report to to me ASAP Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note: Denied. Denied. DENIED. Who's bright idea was this twisted "Bring your kid to work day" thing anyway? -Dr. Kondraki

Note: See what I mean, Kondraki? Put a highly dangerous SCP in the body of an attractive female, and the Foundation turns into a bunch of simpering morons. Clef.

Note: Give the girl access to some pornography if her base needs are so unquenchable. She is refused contact again this quarterly review. I for one don't need my son being sucked off by a virulent little goth girl and coming home with Lassa. Containment Officer Devereux.

Note: The wanton disregard for human life, and her embrace of the 'Vector' persona through the active use of her powers and attire signal a possible malignant narcissist. Requesting approval for a psychological examination, and counseling or therapy if necessary. Dr. Glass

Note: Given that this girl is a walking time bomb of viruses, I recommend that we tranq her, strap her to a table, and give her a massive dose of a ribavirin/interferon/██████████ cocktail to flush her system. Dr. ████████

Note: Flush her system, HELL no! Did you know that this girl somehow has the original strain of the 1918 Spanish Flu? As well as a half-dozen strains of viruses we've never seen? The research possibilities alone… Dr. ██████████

Note: Limited research approved. O5-██

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