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Item #: SCP-357

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be confined to a secure cell under 24-hour a day video surveillance. Subject is to be restrained and placed under armed guard at feeding and cleaning times. Removal of subject from his cell is only to be performed under the approval of Dr. ██████. Any staff encountering subject, unrestrained, outside his cell are advised to inform security personnel at the earliest possible opportunity, and to under no circumstances attempt to contain the subject by themselves.

In light of the events detailed in document # 357-7; it was decided to add the following specific procedures, deviating from SCP standard for SCP objects of this type. Security personnel assigned to guard duty on SCP-357 are not permitted to carry firearms of any type, and must relinquish such weapons before approaching subject’s cell. Guards are to be equipped with SCP standard electroshock pistols [SCPE-ES-32] and standard issue batons. Guards are to exchange their uniform for a thinner outfit.

Description: Subject’s legal name is "Justin Linn". Subject appears to be a Caucasian male in his late twenties, 1.82 metres tall, mass 76.203 kilogrammes. Subject’s hair is red, eyes are blue, skin is pale. Subject shows all human physical characteristics, and is genetically human.

Subject is of moderate intelligence, scoring 105 when coerced into taking an IQ test. Subject is compliant with most commands, but shows strong resentfulness at his confinement. Subject’s behaviour is consistent with most psychological profiles of humans in similar situations, and is primarily concerned with his own wellbeing and survival.

Even when considering these factors subject is still treated as a considerable threat. Subject shows signs of mild sociopathy, and is (unprofessionally) trained in close quarters combat and firearms use.

The subject’s only anomalous property is his complete immunity to gunfire. The origin of this property is unknown – subject claims to have been born with it, but only to have become fully aware of it when he was 18 years old.

Fired bullets travelling into contact with the subject are observed to disappear completely. High speed photography has shown that affected bullets disappear exactly 2.32 cm from the subject’s skin. Testing has shown this property to be 100% effective against bullets and flechettes, and renders the subject almost completely immune to these weapons.

The property is, however, completely ineffective against thrown objects; low velocity projectiles – such as arrows and electroshock probes; and fists and close combat weapons. These have proven to be the best method to subdue the subject in the event of an escape attempt.


Document #357-1 Post-debrief report on the capture of SCP-357 – 23/05/2002 [Abridged version]

SCP-357 was taken into SCP custody on 12/05/2002 by a group of field agents led by Lt. █████.

SCP-357 was involved in a firefight on 08/05 with local police forces as he attempted to escape from the scene of a bank robbery he had perpetrated. This confrontation caused the death of 5 officers and 2 bystanders; and prompted a large police manhunt.

Local police tracked the subject down to an abandoned residential building he was hiding in, and a local SWAT team was mobilized to apprehend him. On 10/05 they assaulted the building and attempted to capture him – causing a firefight that resulted in the deaths of 9 SWAT officers and 12 law enforcement officers, before the subject was forcibly made unconscious by use of a Taser and batons.

Subject was heavily injured during his capture, and was sent to █████ ███ Medical Facility, where he remained until SCP agents took him into custody on 12/05.

Document #357-7 Report of near containment breach by SCP-357 - 20/11/2003 [Abridged version]

During transferral to scheduled experimentation on 18/11, SCP-357 was able to escape his restraints and move, unwatched, a considerable distance through the facility before being subdued by security personnel. This incident caused the death and serious injury of 8 personnel.

Security camera footage shows the subject overpowering his supervising security personnel, then unlocking his handcuffs, taking the unconscious personnel’s sidearms, ammunition and protective clothing; and attempting to forcibly exit the facility.

Subject made his way across approximately 500 metres of corridor, encountering and wounding 6 personnel, before being surrounded and subdued by a security response team.

The footage clearly shows the subject resisting the effects of several electrical shocks, due to the added layer of clothing he had procured from the security personnel, while his firearm made him a considerable threat to unprotected personnel.

It is recommended that the following changes be implemented:
- That possession of a firearm in the vicinity of SCP-357 be prohibited.
- That security personnel assigned to guard SCP-357 should not be equipped with electroshock-resistant clothing.
- That the number of security personnel assigned to transfer SCP-357 be increased.

Note: A request for further tests on SCP-357 has been filed with the purpose of determining the cutoff velocity at which projectiles first vanish.

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