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Item #: SCP-358

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the range of SCP-358's influence, SCP-358 must be kept in a containment cell with four foot thick walls of indiscriminate material. Under no circumstances is the four foot perimeter to be compromised unless testing of SCP-358 is to take place, in which case two personnel with level 4 security clearance authorize the procedure prior to testing.

Description: SCP-358 is a 2.7m (9ft) tall humanoid creature, most noticeably recognized by its absence of a face. SCP-358's head has all the components of a human skull, yet the front of the head is void of any shape or features. Due to procedures direct visual contact with SCP-358's "face" was obscured when subject was first contained. Upon it's examination, Dr. █████████ met face to face with SCP-358, resulting in Dr. █████████'s eyes, ears, nose and jaw removing themselves from his head and floating in a direct line with SCP-358's face, bringing along all necessary veins and nerves completely intact and undamaged. SCP-358's face absorbed the organs and affixed them into place upon its own face. SCP-358 remained silent until it began to scream in an inhuman pitch for the next two days. Eventually the screaming subsided as Dr. █████████'s facial organs were completely absorbed into SCP-358 head.

Further testing was conducted after the incident, and it was discovered that the range of SCP-358's influence seems to be just under 1.2m (4ft) in a direct line from his face, through any material as long as there is a direct line between a human face and SCP-358's face, regardless if the human can see SCP-358. Termination of SCP-358 has been considered, but Dr. Andellson refuses and claims SCP-358's ability may be of use.

Additional: Dr. █████████ and two other test subjects did not bleed as their facial organs were removed, nor did they report pain in their testimonies received through the use of sign language. All other test subjects died from profuse blood loss due to tearing of the mimetic muscles. This has lead to the belief that there may be facial organs that are more optimal for removal.

Addendum 358-A: Dr. █████████ wants his "god-damned 20/20 eyes back."

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