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Item #: SCP-360

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-360 has no special containment procedures, other than that it should not be removed from Site █ without authorization. When not being tested, SCP-360 is currently stored on Dr. ██████’s desk, who doesn’t seem to mind its effects.

Description: SCP-360 is a small, hollow, cubical sculpture made of copper, 5.91 cm per side and massing 1.497 kg. Each face of the sculpture has a square hole in the center, while the corners have various irregular protrusions. Both the interior and exterior surface of the sculpture are covered in a patina of copper carbonate. As this covering is natural, harmless, and corrosion resistant, there is little reason to remove it.

SCP-360 is often referred to as the Writer’s Block, though Language Block would be more accurate. Close proximity to SCP-360 interferes with a human’s ability to communicate using language. Speaking, writing, typing, and signing are all noticeably impaired within a 6 meter radius, causing normally fluent people to stutter and lose their train of thought when speaking, or have great difficulty committing ideas to paper.

The effect increases in intensity the closer one gets to SCP-360, as well as with prolonged exposure and physical contact. Merely touching SCP-360 is sufficient to keep most people from speaking for 5 minutes or more, though they can still communicate in ways that don’t use language, such as smiling, frowning, or yelping with pain.

The time it takes for the effects of SCP-360 to wear off depends on the subject and degree of exposure. There is some evidence that long-term exposure can lead to permanent impairment (see Document-360-1.)

SCP-360 has been observed to be equally effective on psionic resistant humans, but is generally not effective on nonhumans. Because of this it is hypothesized SCP-360 was designed specifically for humans and that its effects are physiological in nature.

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