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Item #: SCP-360

Object Class: Keter

Clearance: Any

Description: A white monolith of unknown material with a circle embossed upon its surface, which is separated into quadrants. The object was found with four (4) boomerang-shaped devices, each with a somewhat similar circle embossed and a number of mechanisms, possibly used by [DATA EXPUNGED] for worship purposes. The four quadrants on the SCP will light with a green glow after pressing any one of the 5 embossed circles. Manipulating the mechanisms on any of the Boomerang devices causes heat within the SCP to build, detectable to the touch, and the SCP will emit a cry of sorts.

Special Containment Procedures: The containment room must be kept at a constant 10 degrees Celsius with 6 box fans on high directed towards SCP-360. If at any time during research the bottom left most 3 quadrants start to blink red, the agents currently in the room must turn their body 360 degrees and back away slowly, so as to not void the SCP. Once out of the room, an as of yet unknown agent wearing level 4 HAZMAT armor will come to take the package away in a coffin-shaped box. Personnel are told to not inquire about the HAZMAT armored personnel, or the status of the object's repair, but are assured a replacement will arrive within 1-2 weeks.

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