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Deceased specimen of SCP-362

Item #: SCP-362

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any specimen of SCP-362 encountered in the field are to be terminated on site. Specimen are somewhat resistant to most conventional means of insecticide, and require prolonged exposure to poisons before death occurs. Personnel should first trap the specimen in a container of some sort, to ensure that it does not escape or harm personnel

A very small colony of SCP-362 are kept in Unit-362 of [DATA EXPUNGED] for research purposes. No personnel below level three are allowed entry into SCP-362's enclosure. Any personnel who may be stung by SCP-362, apart from approved research subjects, are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-362 is a species of insect in the order Hymenoptera. Its body is yellow and black with long powerful legs and two pairs of wings. Although its flight is somewhat slow, its legs allow for accelerated takeoff. When threatened it will land on a nearby surface and immediately jump in the direction of its peruser and sting. It is believed to be exceptionally intelligent by insect standards, though this should not be confused with sentience.

Initial symptoms after being stung by SCP-362 are extreme pain around the affected area, followed by local paralysis. The pain fades after two to three hours, and the paralysis after eight to twelve. Afterward redness and/or swelling may occur.

Between 24 and 48 hours after being stung, the subject will begin to experience abnormalities in the regular flow of spacetime, with events around the subject happening slower or faster than normal. As the symptoms progress, this becomes more extreme, as the subject falls "out of sync" with normal timespace.

Usually within 96 hours, subject will begin "jumping" through time, appearing seconds and minutes into the past and future. This becomes more severe as the symptoms progress, with subjects jumping days, weeks, and even months at once. The subject has no control over the frequency or 'destination' of these jumps.

Beyond this point subjects are difficult to keep track of, so further symptoms are not fully understood.

Subjects begin to experience psychosis and extreme paranoia. Subjects that have been contained long enough for study were also found to be experiencing dangerously high core body temperature along with low blood pressure and rapid breathing and heart rate. Subjects also seem to be experiencing extreme pain. It is inconclusive whether these are wholly seperate symptom side effects of the temporal displacement.

Eventually the subject will suffer total cardiac arrest resulting in brain death. Shortly after death, subjects will "freeze" in spacetime. The jumping ceases and subjects' bodies become immovable.

There have been several instances where a subject would encounter a future version of themself that had "jumped" backward, or vice-versa. In order to prevent potential a paradox and/or the destruction of the spacetime continuum, any subject(s) stung by SCP-362 should be terminated before temporal displacement begins to occur.

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