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Item #: SCP-364

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The 20 by 20 meter room containing SCP-364 is to be guarded by two armed guards at all times, and the door should always be locked. One guard should hold the key to the room hidden on his person, having been randomly selected to do so at each morning guard shift. Said guards shall accompany any who enter the room, and capture or terminate anyone who attempts to take SCP-364 without permission for testing by a Level 4 supervisor. SCP-364 itself shall be securely attached to the stand which it stands on, which is itself bolted to the stone block in the center of the room. All personnel of Level 1 or higher are authorized to use 364 and make an oath, so long as a Level 4 supervisor approves the oath ahead of time.

Description: The object appears to be, and functions as, a 15th century halberd, apparently made in ███████. The composition of the weapon shows no unusual properties, even though it shows no wear or damage from its age and use in combat. Using it to fight causes no unusual effects in its wielder, and nothing unusual occurs in combat that normally would not, except that SCP-364 never seems to take damage of any kind. However, limited testing with modern-day weaponry shows it may be far from indestructible.

Whenever an oath is sworn with twenty meters of the halberd, the one who swore the oath will find themselves unable and unwilling to break that oath under any circumstance, including torture and threat of death. They may often pursue that oath with a reckless abandon, and often prove quite skilled at accomplishing it. Whether this increase in skill is a result of the object's own power or simply the amazing focus and willpower the oathmaker demonstrates when fulfilling the oath is unknown. Short term oaths, such as completing a task, are often completed as soon as viably possible, at which point the effect begins. If the oath is more long term, such as protecting a person or location, they will show no outward signs of being affected until such time comes that they must fulfill the oath. While it has not been contained long enough to fully test, the effect seems permanent, lasting until death.

Testing Log
Subject: Class D Personnel-364/2
Oath: To Live healthier.
Results: Subject began intensive exercise during free time, and would even resort to violence to obtain healthier food when unhealthy food was given. During end of the month termination, subject attempted to escape with better than average results. It seems death is considered unhealthy.


Document 364/3
As of ██/██/██, the following oaths are to never be allowed to be sworn:

  • Anything related to killing, except with O5 authorization
  • Anything related to sex
  • Anything beyond the capabilities of a human being
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