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Item #: SCP-365

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-365 is to be kept in a locked box, and is not to be viewed directly by any personnel. Manipulation of object is to be done via robotic assistance, though blind personnel or personnel wearing blackened visors may also be used. Any personnel attempting to view SCP-365 directly are to be sealed inside its containment chamber.

Description: SCP-365 is a clipping of the horoscope section of the ████████████ newspaper, from ███████, ████████ dated ██/██/████. Whenever someone views SCP-365 directly it alters its text to show the heading of their astrological sign, preceding a description of their near future. This predictions are always 100% accurate, even though they tend to describe otherwise impossible events. These predictions are invariably negative, usually resulting in death, suicide, or greivous bodily harm to the reader or others nearby. Photographs and video do not seem to transfer the effect. Attempts to destroy SCP-365 have yet to produce results, though the testing of other SCPs on SCP-365 has yet to be approved.

Addendum: Attempts to destroy SCP-365 suspended until further notice. The possible gains of reverse-engineering this object outweigh its risks.

Note: In light of the recent multiple containment breaches caused by SCP-365, I am granting the request to resume termination attempts, and authorizing the testing of other SCP objects to this end. - Dr. ██████

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