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Item #: SCP-367

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Poses no immediate risk if kept out of sight from all personnel. Kept in a small steel box of 5' x 5' x5'. This box is not to be opened under any circumstances.

Description: Object appears to be a small watch, with no distinct face, hands or numbers. It is entirely purple. Anyone who views the watch has an immediate, strong, and almost obsessive desire to wear it. This ceases when the watch is out of sight. If the watch is obtained and worn on the wrist, the desire to wear it is dispelled immediately and replaced with a strong repulsion of the object. Removal, however, is impossible. The watch will tighten its straps until its wearers hand is severed from their body. This wound will not heal, no matter how much medical attention is given. Death by blood loss is not uncommon.

Addendum: Destruction of SCP-367 has been attempted through means of incineration, but has failed. Other options are currently being considered.

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