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Item #: SCP-369

Object Class: Euclid/Potentially Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-369 is to be assigned one of the regulation rooms at Site-17. At all times there are to be three guards on his door, armed with tranquilizer guns filled with potassium chloride. Under no circumstances should 369 be exposed to sunlight, directly, indirectly, on in any other manner. Any attempts by 369 to leave his cell are to be met with the maximum force available.

Description: Transcript of conversation between Lieutenant Charles C. Taylor and tower, December 5, 1945

CCT: Tower this is Flight 19, are you picking this up on radar?

Tower: Please clarify Flight 19, are we picking up what?

CCT: Dear lord in heaven, it's huge! It, it…

(Several seconds pass wherein Charles seems to be calming himself down.)

CCT: Tower, I'm seeing some form of aircraft flying out above us. It looks to be over a mile in length, ovoid in shape, completely smooth. Unidentified craft is not responding to attempts to initiate contact, please advise.

Tower: Flight 19, we have no radar imagery of anyone but you up there. Tower is requesting you cut the flight short, return to base.

CCT: Wait, something's happening! There's… It looks like there's a door opening in the bottom of the craft. There's some sort of…

(Radio contact with flight 19 is cut off. Several attempts to re-establish contact are made, with no success. Flight 19 vanishes without a trace, no wreckage is ever found.)

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