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Item #: SCP-370

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: For the time being, SCP-370 cannot be moved out from SCP-363-2's cell. Any personnel attempting to move SCP-370 from SCP-363-2's cell will be immediately terminated. No personnel are allowed to come into contact with SCP-370. Any testing must be done with the assistance of SCP-139.

Description: SCP-370 is the male child of SCP-139 and SCP-363-2, and takes on both the black furred skin of the former and the grey eyes of the latter. SCP-370 will become immediately distressed if not in the presence of its mother or father, and will immediately create windstorms in its location. The severity of the created windstorms is dependent on how far away from his parents he is, ranging from light breezes to F5-ranked tornadoes. How SCP-370 is able to channel air currents at such an early age is currently unknown.

Addendum 1: After a brief conversation held between SCP-363-2 and SCP-139, SCP-139 announced the child's official name: Vantus.

Addendum 2: SCP-139 does not have any idea if SCP-370 will gain the ability to speak with animals.

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