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Magic 8 Ball

Item #: SCP-371

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept within a standard precious items locker in Site ██. Item may be utilized by any personnel of Level 1 or higher. Item may not be used by D-Class personnel, except for research purposes. Item is not allowed to be removed from Site ██. Any personnel attempting to move SCP-371 off-site are to be chastised, and the item is to be returned to its locker. Item should be returned to its locker after use.

Description: SCP-371 appears to be a regular novelty magic 8 ball, manufactured by the company ██████. The ball's surface bears several marks and scratches, consistent with normal wear and tear. Most notable is a small chip missing from the "8" inscription on the front of SCP-371. This particular magic 8 ball, however, always gives the correct answer to any question asked of it. SCP-371 has never given an incorrect answer while in foundation custody, the probability of this being far beyond the foundation's threshold of impossibility.

When asked any question verbally, and subsequently shaken, SCP-371's inner die will land on the correct answer. The item is able to answer any question, including those pertaining to past and future events. If the ball is shaken without first being given a question, the die will settle on a blank side. Questions may be asked in any language, although the answer is always given in English. If a question is asked unclearly, or the question has no correct answer, the die will settle on "Try Again".

See Experiment Log 371-A for a partial catalog of questions answered by SCP-371.

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