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Item #: SCP-371

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-371 is to be contained in a cubic box about 1m x 1m x 1m consisting of pure ████████. This box is to be buried approximately 10m below sea level. No Personnel of any level are permitted to open the box, as of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Low-ranking personnel have complained about these special procedures to protect this item, which has no chance of escaping if it was even in a cardboard box. It has reached the concern of the officials to say that the reason for protecting this item is to make sure that no item gets in, rather than out.

Description: It is unknown exactly what SCP-371 looks like, since all persons whom have made even slight visiual contact have gone blind immediately. SCP-371 also apparently makes a noise, since any persons who have heard it had gone deaf. Similar results have been witenessed with different senses. It is possible to prevent these symptoms, simply by blocking the senses (see document 371-A).

SCP-371 was discovered in ██████, █████████, when members of a local community suddenly began going blind, deaf, and losing their sense of smell. Mr. ███ ██████ also claims to have touched it and licked it, and is still today entirely numb over the whole of his body and can no longer taste, or even sense when food is in his mouth. SCP agents were eventually sent in to investigate. They found out that [DATA EXPUNGED].

Scientists have attempted to destroy SCP-371 in the past, and have literally lost their senses trying (see document 371-C).

Document 371-A:
Two D-class personnel went into SCP-371 to compose a test. One was wearing a blindfold and the other had soundproof headphones. As expected, the first one went deaf and the second one went blind. The second person also bumped into SCP-371 on his way out of the containment chamber, and went numb over his entire body instantly. Both Class-D personnel also lost their sense of smell. Both were later terminated.

Document 371-B:
A note from █████ █████; a victim who went blind, deaf, and lost his sense of smell to SCP-371. █████ wrote this after his encounter with SCP-371 by [DATA EXPUNGED]:
I have been run thin in my life, and now this seems to be the end of it. I shall call this, this object which has taken away my communication to the world, the last thing in mine.
█████ commited suicide a day later.

Document 371-C:
[11:09:28] SCP-371 is placed in a cardboard box by blind personnel.
[11:12:56] ███kg of dynamite is placed on top of the box.
[11:14:50] Scientists begin countdown toward explosion.
[11:15:00] Dynamite explodes.
[11:15:01] All scientists go blind.
[11:46:32] It is concluded that SCP-371 survived the explosion, whereas its temporary conainer did not.
[04:29:36] SCP-371 is returned to its containment unit.

Note: SCP-371 is not to be in remotely the same vicinity of SCP-173, or any machine or technological SCP at any time. Failure to comply will result in termination.

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