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Item #: SCP-372

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An acoustically perfect room, of standard wooden Victorian construction and decor, insulated externally with sound-dampening foam, kept between 50-60% humidity and 20-23 degrees Celsius (~68-73 degrees Fahrenheit) and locked with Victorian-era mechanism. The Item itself is to be kept in a high-quality violin case when not in use. SCP-372-01 is kept in a secure lockbox in this room.
Note: this structure is not to contain SCP-372, but its properties do not function outside this typical environment.
Due to his prior experience with SCP-372 and apparent immunity to its effects (see Log 372-01 below), Professor "Q" supervises its security, and has unrestricted access. Personnel may petition Professor "Q" for a supervised appointment with SCP-372.

Description: SCP-372 is a violin of dark red color and exquisite workmanship, and has nearly perfect tone. No label indicating maker or location of construction can be found. The object seems to posses the ability to regenerate itself- slivers removed for spectral analysis reappeared within 24 hours. Aside from the strings, which are commercially available "Dominant" brand steel-core strings, the composition of the instrument is indeterminate.

When played by a competent violinist, SCP-372 produces a sound described by subjects as "somehow eerie" or "unearthly." Recordings of this music produce only static. While it will produce this sound with any bow, its greatest effect is seen only when played with SCP-372-1 (see Addendum 372-01)

Addendum 372-01: SCP-372-01 is a violin bow, apparently the partner of SCP-372, and bears the same regenerative and visual properties as that object. The hair of SCP-372-01 is blond and human, and if removed, severed, or broken through use, the bow regenerates to normal within two hours. If swung as a weapon, the hair is capable of slicing cleanly through flesh and bone. The hair never dirties, and always has enough rosin for the current performance. When SCP-372 is played with SCP-372-01, assuming the performer is a competent violinist, the performer can produce one of several psychological effects on his listeners, depending on the mood of the music: if the performer plays an "upbeat" or "happy" song, the mood of any listeners improves dramatically, removing all signs of even long-term depression or post-traumatic stress. If the performer plays a "sad," "depressing," or "down-beat" song, the listeners become withdrawn, and by the end of the performance is often crying. Those so exposed become either suicidally depressed or so apathetic that they die of dehydration. If the performer elects to play an "intense and atonal" piece, the listeners become enraged with each other, moving from disdainful glances to verbal abuse to brawling at a rate determined by the length and intensity of the piece. These violent actions and emotions abruptly cease when the performer stops playing. (full experiment pending.)

Research Log 372-01: Professor "Q": It seems I am immune to the psychological effects of the Violin, although the Bow will still cut me. I have prepared a series of tests on the items on my person to determine if one of my many other …acquisitions… is responsible for this.

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