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Item #: SCP-373

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-373-01 through 373-09 rotate through the Foundation on a regular schedule designed by O5-█. When not being used to handle other high-risk memetic and/or mind-damaging SCPs, SCP-373 is worn by Professor "Q."

Description: SCP-373 appears to be a man's ring, comprised of three nested rings that rotate freely inside one another and around a single vertical axis. Tests show the ring to be made of a gold-colored osmiridium alloy, although it remains impervious to any attempt to destroy it. The ring seems to re-size itself to fit on any finger that attempts to wear it.
SCP-373 stabilizes its wearer's mental state - that is, whatever the wearer's current psychological state is remains as such, despite outside influence, such as entering a situation that would call for alarm [But see Addendum 373-03]. A calm individual wearing SCP-373 will experience the same level of calmness despite being in the middle of a raging fire, for example. This has the additional benefit of protect the wearer from the psychological effects of other SCPs, including those of SCP-372, SCP-034, and others (extensive list pending).

History: SCP-373 was found after extensive "trial-and-error" testing by Class D personnel of items in the vicinity by Professor "Q" while attempting to discover the reason for his apparent immunity to SCP-372. Professor "Q"'s notes (only recently rediscovered) reveal that he purchased the ring on a whim in the fall of 19██, from a vendor of occult materials in the █████████ district of the city of ███ ████.

Addendum 373-01: Request to clone SCP-373 with SCP-038:
Approved by O5-█, despite Dr. Klein's objections at the theoretical dangers of reproducing an SCP item. O5-█ quoted as saying "…it works for 500 - even if it's only 30% effective, it's still worth it if it can help capture, contain, and research things like [DATA EXPUNGED]."

Addendum 373-02: Record of SCP-373 Clones:
Unlike other, mundane, items cloned by SCP-038, SCP-373 does NOT produce identical copies. Each copy obtained in this manner is slightly different from the original, and no two copies are identical to each other. Nine copies were produced in this fashion (designated SCP-373-01 through SCP-373-09). When the tenth copy appeared, it [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subsequent attempts to copy SCP-373 have also resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attempts to copy the copies resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED], and the termination of ██ suddenly violent personnel.

It should be noted that the copies are NOT indestructible. Should any of the copies be destroyed, the original SCP-373 should be used to create a replacement.

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